DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Red Hood & The Outlaws #13 Has A Forever Evil Connection As Bizarro Returns Changed Forever, Literally! Mazahs!!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Red Hood & The Outlaws #13 follows.

Bizarro, 1/3 of the Dark Trinity of Red Hood and Artemis, is dying and Lex Luthor may be the only chance for his survival.


You may recall back in the Forever Evil mini-series…

…that Lex Luthor had a Bizarro on his side who battled Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate including a new Shazam in reverse, Mazahs, powered Earth 3 Alexander Luthor.

It was a battle between Mazahs and Bizarro that led to the latter’s death…

…infuriating Lex Luthor.

End interlude.

In modern day 2017, a seemingly reformed and former Justice League Superman armor empowered Lex Luthor recalls that pain of losing that Bizarro and wants to save this one. Since Kryptonite can harm Superman, since Bizarro is his opposite, he uses Kryptonite to cure him.

He draws up legal papers severing his ties to Bizarro and turning him over to the Red Hood and Artemis, but…

…it is a very changed Bizarro…

…a super-intelligent Bizarro.

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