DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Justice League Of America #12 Begins The Ray Palmer & Microverse Quest Launched In DC Universe Rebirth #1!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Justice League Of America #12

Two story arcs are coming to the pages of the JLA: Crisis in the Microverse and Panic in the Microverse.


You may remember a mega popular one-shot called DC Universe Rebirth #1 last year that launched several new storylines as DC Comics reestablished legacy in its lore after the New 52 in the Rebirth era.

One of those storylines involved the search of Ray Palmer, the Atom, who had a warning for his successor Ryani Cho that was not fully communicated

End interlude.

The Justice League of America head into the microverse and…

…it is beautiful as is…

…the “place” they land in / on.

The team is confronted by monstrous aliens who they subdue and are confronted by a hooded figure…

…seemingly wearing Ray Palmer’s bio-belt?

That hooded figure may be some familiar who Ray Palmer was trying to warn Ryan Choi about in DC Universe Rebirth #1. The cover to Justice League #13 has this hooded figure confronting the JLA.

While Justice League of America #17 has Ray Palmer in his classic costume.

So, who is that hooded micron?

I’d love to see, BTW, a Sword of the Atom type costume for Ray Palmer at least for part of this arc or the next one.

What did you think of the issue?

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