GFW Impact Wrestling 8/10/17 – 6-Man Tag Team Action

Mayweather and Wilcox brawl with LAX before the show begins. A recap of the Sienna vs. Rosemary Last Knockout Standing match airs, showing some more filmic shots of the action. Sienna sits mid-ring with her titles before Karen Jarrett comes down and then talks down to her for a while. Karen announces Gail vs. Sienna for next week at Destination X. They brawl and Josh buries Gail for not deserving a title shot. Grado and Joseph Park chat backstage about having to face Kongo Kong tonight. Grado is terrified, so Park tells him that his old football coach told him that the fear of the hit is worse than the hit – and he never got around to asking what that meant, and the poor guy died a couple years ago, so they’re SOL.


Lordedo Kid and Garza Jr come down to face Naomichi Marafuji and El Hijo Del Fantasma. JB puts over how this shows off the “Global” in Global Force Wrestling – I like that, it’s true and does make the company seem like it’s bigger than it is. Fantasma sends Garza down with a big basement dropkick for 2. Marafuji comes in, but Garza takes him down for 2. Loredo Kid dives into Marafuji before Fantasma hits a flip dive to Garza Jr. Fantasma gets a rana off the top and then a frog splash for 2. Loredo Kid comes in and sends him down before going for three moonsaults and landing two of them. Romero special on Loredo before he’s forced to DDT Garza. Garza demands they stop attacking him so he can strip, so then let him unlatch his pants before superkicking him. Fantasma hits a GTS with a superkick and then Fantasma hits his suicide dive! Garza strips, sends Marafuji down and misses a moonsault and Marafuji ends it with a sliced bread number two.

OVE debuts next week. Grado and Park come down to face Kong. Kong no-sells a bionic elbow and double chokes them. Kong takes them both down, bowls into Park and ends it. He plans to crush them, but LVN rushes down and says no before slapping him. Tyrus comes down to absolute dead silence, looking pretty awesome with a shaved head and stares down with Kong. Low-Ki is backstage and calls Trevor Lee the real champion before calling out Alberto for next week. Lashley tells them to stay out of his way tonight.

Sonjay talks about working hard to get his X Title. Lee says that yeah, Dutt is technically the champion, but he didn’t get his rematch so he took it. We get a Lashley hype video with Jeff Jarrett saying that some guys want him to do just do MMA, while King Mo wants him to do both. Lashley and Sydal hype up their match with Dutch and Lashley says that he’ll kick his ass. LAX comes out to face VOW. Wilcox hits a big overhead belly to belly on the ramp. VOW hits a sloppy MOB through a table for 2 when Homicide pulls the ref out. Mayweather powerbombs LAX into the steps and then LAX hits a double team cannonball to Wilcox to end it.

Sydal chats with Alberto and Sonjay and Alberto rallies with the troops with a “si, si si”. ACH faces Ichimori and ACH eats a big double stomp to the gut for 2. ACH takes his head off with a big lariat for 2. Ichimori lands a chickenwing gutbuster before taking him out with a 450. Dezmond and Ichimori shake next to the trophy. Main event time sees the heels come out first, then the faces. Sydal acts the glue for this match and works great with everyone in there. Dragon Clutch by Low-Ki, but Sydal spin kicks him down. Sonjay and Lee go at it and Sonjay gets 2 off a running rana. Low-Ki comes in and double stomps Sonjay for 2. Lee comes in and eats a run-up DDT before Alberto dives onto Lashley and Dutt hits a running DDT. We get a wacky double-team super rana and hit before Lashley takes him out. Alberto clubs at the knee to do the superkick but he finally gets it on Low-Ki. Lashley powerslams Dutt and Low-Ki wins with the Warrior’s Way.

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