DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Dark Nights Metal Spoilers: Batman V Superman In Dark Nights Metal #1 / Dark Nights Metal #2 Is Not What It Seems

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Dark Nights Metal Spoilers follow.

Many comics sites have latched onto a now deleted tweet of inker Jonathan Glapion that included the below image.

These same comic book and pop cultures sites have raised issues about Superman killing or maiming Batman in Dark Nights Metal #1 to kick off the event among other things. Well, even a novice fan of comics doesn’t believe that, but the clicky-baity nature of a Batman V Superman redux where one kills the other is too irresistible for these sites. Veteran fans should know better too.

Well let me remind you and those sites of part of a black and white preview to Dark Nights Metal #2. See anything interesting?

Yes, multiple Batmen. Clones, robots, from the Dark Multiverse? Perhaps, but in the end its likely Superman is tackling on of these and not the real Batman. I mean, that first pick doesn’t show any innards or anything you’d expect when a super-human impales a human.

Just my two cents.

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