Marvel Comics Legacy Fantastic Four News: Protest Of Fantastic Four Handling By Marvel Goes Viral

Marvel Comics Legacy Fantastic Four News follows.

Marvel Comics has taken a lot of online critcism by regular fans and even professional comic book creators who are fans over the company’s continued lack of publishing a Fantastic Four team / family book.

With Marvel Legacy upon us, with no FF in sight, it’s possible Marvel is saving their surprise return for their Marvel Legacy #1 one-shot that kicks off the Marvel Legacy initiative… or Marvel Comics may still be mothballing the Fantastic Four.

Fan anger and disappointment over all this has manifested in a poignant and hilarious meme graphic that has gone viral. I don’t know the original poster or creator, but am sharing. If you know who started this let me know and I’ll update.

It’s a milk carton advertisement for a missing Fantastic Four; this how missing children used to be advertised to help in search efforts.

So, have you seen the Fantastic Four?

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