DC Comics Rebirth & Dark Nights Metal Spoilers: Dark Days: The Casting #1 Has Hawkman & Shazam Plus Dark Matter’s Immortal Men, Damage & Silencer As Batman Gets To Dark Nights Metal #1!

DC Comics Rebirth and Dark Nights Metal Spoilers for Dark Days: The Casting #1 on the road to Dark Nights: Metal #1 follows.

It’s been a big week for Dark Nights Metal #1 and its only Monday! Not only is a Batman V Superman moment in Dark Nights Metal #1 / Dark Nights Metal #2 (spoilers here) getting social media buzz, but Dark Nights Metal #1 has had pages leak revealing two (2) pretty big DC Comics Rebirth debuts (spoilers here); one (1) debut will be as big, controversial and impactful as The Watchmen reveal at the end of DC Universe Rebirth #1 that leads to Doomsday Clock in Fall 2017.

In addition, Dark Days: The Forge #1 (spoilers here) and seemingly Detective Comics #950 as well as Nightwing #17 (spoilers here) are all part of the Dark Days: The Road to Metal along with Dark Days: The Casting #1.

Building on our earlier coverage of Dark Days: The Casting #1, featuring Green Lantern, the Joker and Batman conflated in the super-hero naming and super-powers reveal for Duke Thomas (spoilers here) who is set to star in a 3 issue mini-series not an ongoing series (spoilers here) we turn back to the key moments of the Casting as Dark Nights Metal #1 drops.

First the flashbacks featuring Carter Hall and Shiera Hall, formerly Hawkman and Hawkgirl, in DC lore. We learn of Dark Matter’s Immortal Men who, in the past, including both the Wizard Shazam and Ra’s Al Ghul. We also see the mystic Shazam blade in these pages purported to be made of Nth metal

Carter Hall explores the origins of Nth metal in the past involving both the Blackhawks and the Challengers of the Unknown.

We start in the following pages in the past. On the left, Carter Hall’s exploration of Nth metal has allowed him to see the evil being’s behind bequeathing Nth or 9th metal on Earth. In his travels, Batman with 8th metal sun sword meets Dubbilex (formerly) of Cadmus and we see a glimpse of Dark Matter’s Damage attempting a jail break. How’d Batman get that sword? Hold that thought.

To the final flashbacks, Carter Hall realizes the Nth metal was not a gift, but a warning from he other world meant to halt progress to spur Earth to utopia. Hall’s explorations have led to disastrous ends for his peers including the Blackhawks.

Back in modern day, moving back a bit, we learn that Batman was looking for Hephaestus, the forge of the Greek gods. Surely he knows of Nth metal? Well the gods of have shunned Earth, but Wonder Woman gives Batman a sun sword made of 8th metal to light the path on his dark journey,

Batman uses it barter with Talia Al’ Ghul, Immortal Men’s Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter and mother to Batman’s son Damian Wayne aka Robin; he will trade Talia the sun sword of 8th metal for…

…dark sword of Nth metal imbued with the power of Shazam?

Plus she mentions Dark Matter’s Silencer and even sports a shared tattoo with her on her wrist.

Dark Nights The Casting #1 ends with worshipers on Earth making way for the Dark Multiverse’s…

…Dark Knights to enter our world!

We got a look at 6 of the 7 Dark Knights with…

…the Batman Who Laughs and his / their sidekick yet to be revealed. The first teaser for those two started as this…

…and became this.

And, just in time for Dark Nights: Metal #1, the checklist for the whole thing.

Are you ready for Dark Nights: Metal #1?

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