WWE Raw 8/14/17 Recap – Fatal 4-Way Participants Brawl

A Shield hype video show Dean and Seth’s history before showing Seth and Dean’s modern-day issues. Dean comes down and wants to talk to Seth, who comes down and says he’s done playing games. He puts his fist out again for the bump amid a huge YES chant and Dean turns it down. Logically, he should and Seth says it’s okay – he doesn’t even trust himself sometimes. He pleads his case and Dean puts his fist out, and then Seth turns him down before a brawl breaks out. This is the best rivalry either has had since their last one with one another a few years ago. Cesaro and Sheamus come down to for a brawl and then they finally reunite.

Cole, Corey, and Booker talk about Ric Flair and say that his surgery was successful, but he isn’t out of the woods yet. Booker says that in 2000, Ric told him he was passing the torch to him. Given that he never beat Ric for the title, and never had a feud with Booker, that’s rather odd. Nia comes out to face Sasha, with Alexa in a giant silver lifeguard chair. Nia knocks Sasha down and does Sasha’s own pose to mock her – showing more charisma on TV than ever before. They have a fun match built all around the crossface, with Sasha playing the Sting to her Vader. Sasha eventually gets the win with a couple of crossface variants and is now “the person who will face Alexa Bliss”.

Kurt Angle chats to no one in particular about Summerslam being tremendous before turning to the Hardys, who are DELIGHTFUL but disappointed about the Revival being hurt. The Miztourage comes in and the Hardys mock them before Kurt says that JJ faces Axel tonight. A referee rushes in and acts even worse than Kurt about an issue with Finn and Bray. We get a Mae Young Classic hype video and then see Finn and Bray brawl. Elias sings and then beats up Truth. Big Cass is mid-ring with the shark cage before talking forever and ever about Enzo, who finally comes out. Enzo says that Cass is rambling like a guy who’s been KOed twice, and oh yeah, he did, how ya doin? They all brawl and then The Club comes in and brawls too. They stomp the right hand and we get a recap of Braun vs. Roman.

Neville comes out to face Tozawa for the title here, so I guess this has been bumped off of Summerslam. They at least give this a big match intro and Tozawa starts off strong with chops and lands a double dive. Neville lands a nasty superplex, resulting in him teasing an injury, but just using the ref as a shield. Neville goes for the Rings, but Tozawa cradles him for 2. The Red Arrow misses and the flying senton ends it! Tozawa wins the title! Show and Enzo chat and Show says he’s not missing Summerslam. Emma and Mickie are backstage before Emma complains about Twitter going crazy over Sasha when she started the revolution.

Bray vs. Finn is up next and they brawl a bit before Finn attacks him on the floor. Finn eats a fast version of the Sister Abigail to end it. The lights go out and Bray gives Finn a bloodbath – seemingly setting up a Summerslam rematch with the demon needing to be unleashed. Mickie and Emma have an incredibly sloppy match to dead silence that Mickie wins with her terrible spinkick. Finn is outside Kurt’s locker room and says that Bray will find out that he has demons too. All righty – at least they gave away the match for a greater purpose.

Miz and the goons come out to face Jason Jordon, and with Cole putting JJ over crazily, it really doesn’t help him. He keeps trying to put over that JJ has the deck stacked against him at all times and Miz gets tossed around. The goons come in for a DQ and then the Hardys come down to make a save – so I guess we’ve got some sort of six-man tag for the PPV. Or rather, right now. Miz eats JJ’s finish before JJ’s belly to belly sets up a twist from Matt and the swanton from Jeff to end it.

Heyman comes down with Brock and says that the night Brock loses this title, it will be because someone was man enough to pin him or make him submit. The man who does that will stand over him and the fans can point to him as “the guy”, the baddest man on the planet. Paul says that in 15 years of flapping his gums about Brock, he’s actually undersold the greatest athlete in the world. He wants you to subscribe to the Network just to see Brock – YOUR REIGNING, DEFENDING UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! Everyone else comes down and a brawl breaks out. Braun and Brock got the big pull-apart here at the end, so I’d go with Braun either winning at Summerslam by beating someone else, or Brock retaining since they got the focus here.


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