Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 08.14.2017

How did this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw rate?

Matthew Schuerman

A beautiful main event segment that REALLY made me want to see Lesnar and Strowman square off. The best match you’re going to get out of Nia at this point, and an incredibly hot crowd made for a breezy show to watch. The Shield reunion needs a third member, but Reigns is busy in bed with Vince, so he’s not the guy. Could a man from their past come into play?
Rating: 8.5


as usual I watched most of the episode in fast forward, because I don’t watch wrestling to see garishly dressed simpletons recite scripts by failed Hollywood screenwriters. Hey, 2/3 of the Shield are back together, but everyone presumably still hates Roman Reigns. Sasha banks made Nia Jax tap out – how about that? F**k I hate Elias Sampson, but at least Finn Balor seems to have moved on to better things. Big Cass has joined Anderson and Gallows, because losers work better in 3s. Remember 3MB and the Mean Street Posse? Cruiserweights are like Rodney Dangerfield; they get no respect. I actually watched Wyatt vs Balor at normal speed, and the pair work well together. The bucket of blood thing was a nice old school 80s touch. How did the writers manage to make people hate Jason Jordan so much that they cheer the Miz? He was over as hell in American Alpha. Could teaming him up with a couple of aging meth heads be the answer? Sure, why not. The main event was PPV quality, if you’re talking about a WCW PPV from the early 90s.
Rating: 5.5


A hot show with some bigtime matches and storylines, a title change and a main event segment that did well to build up the summerslam main event.
Rating: 8.0

Total Ratings: 22.0
Total Reviewers: 3

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Monday Night Raw: 7.3

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