DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Trinity #12 Pits Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman Against Red Hood & The Outlaws As A Mystic Trinity Emerges!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Trinity #12 follows.

DC Comics has a fair number of trinities now.

It has Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman anchoring their own DC Rebirth title called Trinity.

Then you have Bizarro, Red Hood and Artemis as a Dark Trinity in their own DC Rebirth title called Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Then you have Lex Luthor, Ra’s Al Ghul and Circe as a Dark Shadow Trinity although it doesn’t seem like Lex is aligned with the other two any longer. What Superman villain will replace Lex Luthor in this Trinity? Zod?

Now, with Trinity #12 we have John Constantine, Deadman and Zatanna as a Mystic Trinity.

Let’s not forget the New 52’s Trinity of Sin of Pandora, Question and the Phantom Stranger; although it appears Pandora was killed by Doctor Manhattan in DC Universe Rebirth #1.

That’s five trinities and counting, but did I miss any?

Anyhow, let’s get onto Trinity #12 now that the context is out of the way.

The book opens with Constantine, Deadman and Zatanna meeting in Gotham City at Batman’s request to aid him, Superman and Wonder Woman in…

…dealing with a possessed Red Hood.

Turns out even Deadman isn’t strong enough to free Red Hood from the demons of the Pandora Pits that inflict Red Hood and…

…and the rest of his Outlaws in Bizarro and Artemis.

We get a flashback where its revealed that Circe and Ra’s Al Ghul have brought Red Hood and the Outlaws to the Pandora Pits with the express desire to corrupt them and put them on a path to battle the trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. In that page, readers are caught up to the fact that Circe and Ra’s Al Ghul are no longer a trinity – even Bizarro knows they are a duo – as Lex Luthor seemingly has bailed on them.

Circe’s plan worked and Red Hood and the Outlaws have been corrupted and…

…back in the present they are proving to be a handy match for DC’s preeminent trinity and the new mystic trinity.

I am intrigued where this is all going.

Is a new Trinity War brewing in 2018 after the first one in 2013?

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