SDCC 2017 – Hasbro Press Breakfast

Hello Primates and welcome to a bit of a retrospective on some of the events at SDCC 2017! This is a little late due to a brand new little daughter who has taken plenty of time!

SDCC 2017 kicked off for the Insidepulse Team with the Hasbro Press Breakfast. This is an annual event for Hasbro that shows off some of their current figures, but also unveils a few from their new lines. And they have bacon. Lots of bacon!

I was of course drawn to the Transformers, where we saw the unveiling of the Power of the Prime figures! This will be the third in the trilogy of Combiner Wars, Titans Return, and now Power of the Primes. Prominently on display for the new line was Rodimus Prime, which was very similar to the mechanics of Power Master Optimus Prime. The Hot Rod figure will be a deluxe that combines with the Winnebago trailer to form a super robot. This super robot will have a Matrix with it, which houses Titan Returns type headmaster figures to create a Matrix. The specific figures for the Matrix will be the original Primes now in the form of a Titan Returns figures. They’ll be packaged with small homages to the G1 Pretenders, which was a neat touch. Liege Maximo was our main Prime on display. He came with a homage to G1 Skullgrin.

In addition, we saw lots of other great figures from the upcoming line. My personal favorite of these will be Darkwing and Dreadwind, who now combine similar to their G1 counter parts. The interesting thing is that Dreadwind was a remold of one of the Combiner Wars Aerialbots.  It made more sense when it was later revealed that some of the new voyager size figures, like Starscream, will not be combiner compatible.

That makes Power of the Primes one of the most versatile in terms of playability for kids. It will allow for combiners, Titan Masters (headmasters for us old folks), and now interchangeable matrixes!

An interesting point I discussed with the team was that all the leaders will have the Matrix gimmick. One of those will be non other than Optimus Primal, who won the fan vote for the Power of the Primes! Each leader Matrix will also have a different power for the Prime, with Rodimus’ Matrix being the Creation Matrix.

Enjoy these pics of the event and check out my interview with the Hasbro Brand Team!





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