Marvel & Netflix’s “The Defenders” Recaps By Penny, Episode 4; Royal Dragon

Our cold open has our reluctant heroes rushing into a Chinese restaurant just as it’s closing. Jessica barricades the door while Danny pays the restaurant’s rent 6 months in advance to convince the owner to let them stay. The four all bicker, asking each other what’s going on, what everyone’s deal is. Danny and Matt are each surprised the other knows the Hand, Jessica figures out Matt is Daredevil, and reluctantly they all sit down to dinner to figure out what the hell they’re all caught up in that’s somehow brought them all together. Opening credits.

Elektra is staring at injuries in the mirror while Alexandra plays with her head and pimps the whole Black Sky thing again, gaslighting Elektra that the woman she was no longer exists. Alexandra leaves, and Elektra resumes staring blankly in the mirror.

Back at the restaurant the four of them are arguing about what or even if they should do anything next. Jessica and Luke are not impressed by the mystical mumbo jumbo and Matt and Danny are on opposite sides of the fence about whether or not they should be a team at all. Luke just wants to stop Whitehat from corrupting kids, Jessica just wants to bring her clients closure, and Matt doesn’t want to get drawn into any of it again lest his loved ones meet the same fate Elektra did.

This of coursae is when Stick shows up, smashes Danny’s phone for leading him there, and tells them all they’re the only things between New York and armageddon.

Alexandra meets with a Japanese man dissecting a bear in his penthouse. He speaks only in Japanese and she only in English, but they understand each other perfectly. He brags about killing a nearly extinct bear after letting it nearly kill him, questions the use of resources in bringing Elektra back, and asks her if she will get her hands dirty this time. She says she will do what she must to serve life itself.

Jessica has had enough of all this magical mystery tour bullshit and leaves the restaurant. Luke tries to stop her but she says it’s just not her fight and she can’t make herself so blindly care about others like he can. They sadly lament it was good to see each other and she’s gone. Matt continues to tell Danny and Luke Stick is only giving them info to get them to do what he wants and Stick openly admits it since what he wants is for them to save New York. He tells Danny he is the last of The Chaste, who were meant to be Danny’s personal army in the fight against the Hand.  He tells them the history of the Hand as abominations who went against the Elders of Kun Lun wanting to use the power to control one’s chi not to heal others but to be immortal. Alexandra and Madame Gao are two of the 5. The man in the penthouse dissecting a bear, Murakami, is another, (and was the man behind training Nobu), followed by Bakudo, who Danny happily tells Stick is dead, which makes Stick happy. Finally Whitehat, whom Luke is after, is the fifth founder, actually named Sowande.

Jessica starts to delete all the photos she took at the city records office until she notices that multiple women involved in signing contracts for shell corporations all have the exact same handwriting She show up at Mrs. Raymond’s house and says she’s going to try to arrange a protective detail for them because the shit her husband was caught up in just keeps getting weirder. That’s when Mrs. Raymond points out the SUV already parked across the street watching she thought WAS one.

Stick and Matt discuss Elektra in private, and Stick tells Mattie it’s an empty shell turned into a weapon for the Hand, that Elektra isn’t in there. Matt isn’t so sure because she hesitated at the office building. Alexandra is being helped into a fancy evening gown by what I can only assume are modern day handmaidens, and has a pain spike. After taking some pills, she phones someone to tell them there’s been a change of plans. Sowande addresses Elektra while she stares at a pair of sai, questioning if a weapon that let enemies escape was worth all the resources. She kicks his lackeys’ asses and says don’t ask again.

Jessica beats up the Hand agent watching the Raymond house and tells him the family are off limits. Then she demands to know what’s being said in Japanese on his radio.

Danny and Stick hear guns being loaded in a van across the street, and the four of them ready for an attack, only to turn and find Alexandra seated at their table. She and Stick banter while she tries to manipulate Danny with empty promises and veiled threats, and I’m pretty sure the real reason she wants him is because she figures the Iron Fist is the key the the door/wall thing Gao spoke of two episodes ago. Danny rejects her manipulation and Luke says she needs to leave. So she signals for Elektra to come in and kick their asses, but suddenly the SUV from earlier is shoved through the front window running Elektra down as Jessica comes back in asking who missed her. As Elektra stands up looking mildly annoyed by the attempted vehicular homicide, the 5 of them ready themselves for a hell of a fight.

End of episode.

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