WWE Raw 8/21/17 Recap – Joe and Miz vs. Cena and Reigns

Brock comes out in an awesome new light grey shirt. They focus on Brock vs. Braun in the video recap. Heyman puts over Brock’s dominance in the UFC and WWE and he says that beatings will be delivered by Brock Lesnar! Braun comes down and powerslams Brock! This was outstanding. Big Cass comes out to face Enzo in a street fight, which will likely be not outstanding. Enzo puts over Cass as a preppy while he’s from the streets. Enzo talks about how he’s had Cass over for dinner and even held his mother’s hand – so it’s fitting that their story began in Brooklyn because this is where it ends too. Cass demolishes Enzo for eons, but Enzo low bridges him and Cass sells the left knee. Cass slams him, but he can’t land an elbow and the ref puts the X up while Cass swears. Outside of this being a seemingly real injury, this works out well for Enzo since he won and didn’t wind up being booked like a total jobber.

Emma argues with Dana, with grey hair and complains about Nia. Nia is behind her, so we’ve got a match. Nia squashes her. Boy is Emma just done. Elias sing and Truth raps. Singing beats rapping thanks to Drift Away. Kurt Angle announces that for the first time in a year on “the Monday Night Raw” John Cena is here. Cena says he wants to be face to face with Roman, who comes down and is an asshole. The Miztourage comes down and Bo is in an outstanding gold suit. Miz calls it the “Barskays”, so Cena corrects him and cracks jokes. Miz buries the fans for booing Roman and Cena and says he’s the only champion in the ring. Joe comes down to team with Miz against Roman and Cena.

It’s a 205 Live match as Gulak, Daivari, Nese, and Dar face Ali, Metalik, Cedric, and Swann. This is just rapid-fire stuff with no one actually getting much time to shine beyond Metalik and Cedric, who wins with a lumbar check on Nese. Neville brags about his title win on Sunday before Titus says that words can’t hurt Titus Worldwide, and they have a word for him – rematch on 205 Live. Jason Jordan meets with Kurt and says he wants Finn Balor – so Kurt gives him Finn. Dean and Seth come down to chat about being champs. The Hardys come down and say they don’t want to ruin the party – they just want to congratulate them. Matt gets in a bit of his Broken act and asks for a match tonight while Seth says they grew up idolizing the Hardys. The fans chant “obsolete” and “Brother Nero”. We’ve got us a match!

Matt outworks Seth on the mat for a bit. Dean comes in and runs wild on Matt. Dean misses a dive and Seth is tossed out – leading to an inside-out poetry in motion. Thank God they caught him, because he really can’t risk a bad bump off that. Dean works over Jeff and locks on a Regal stretch for a bit. Matt avoids the lunatic lariat and gets 2 off a side effect. Swanton meets the knees and the dirty deeds ends it. This was the best non-WM match the Hardys have had since their return. Brock vs. Braun in announced for No Mercy.

Miz does a wacky skit with Joe, who wants none of their goofy crap. He tells them to knock off the idiocy, stay out of his way, and stick to his plan. Sasha comes down and cuts a really cocky promo before Alexa comes down. Jason Jordan comes down to a new green and yellow tron scheme and a less bad theme in a black and bright purple singlet. Okay. GET SOMETHING RIGHT WITH HIM. The theme is a small step in the right direction, but he at least needs a set color scheme you can get used to if he’s going to have a color-based tron. JJ gets a fair amount of offense in, but still falls to Finn’s usual stuff and the double footstomp ends it. Joe and Cena work wonderfully together while Corey talks about how Joe wasn’t actually beaten last night – Roman was. Miz eats an AA and Cena gets a win to start his run back on Raw.

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