Marvel & Netflix’s “The Defenders” Recaps By Penny, Episode 5; Take Shelter

So as you might imagine from last episode’s ending, all bloody hell is about to go down in the Royal Dragon. As classical music plays, Gao, Sowande and Murakami gather their forces and bear down on the restaurant, to kill everyone else and capture Danny Rand. I have to admit to being a teeny bit irked that the whiny rich white dude is still being played as the key to everything, but at least here it’s a lot less Mighty Whitey than it was in his own series. Matt breaks off to fight Elektra, leading her away, as everyone else is either kicking asas or hiding behind Luke when the gunfire starts. Stick tells the others Matt isn’t thinking straight but doesn’t tell them why.

Matt meanwhile won’t attack Elektra, only dodge her blows. He keeps saying her name and trying to get through to her, and until Murakami shows up it’s working. She stops attacking Matt entirely, listening to him, but when Murakami catches up to them she attacks HIM instead, and she chases him off. Luke meanwhile ends up outside with Sowande, who wants to personally see how true the stories of him being unbreakable are. Jessica meanwhile smashes a wall and saves Danny from Gao’s men. They all catch up with Matt in the back alley and Stick leads everyone through the sewers to escape.

The three fingers of the Hand who showed up to help Alexandra capture Danny are beginning to question whether the Black Sky was worth what they had to sacrifice to create her. Stick and the gang meanwhile show back up at Colleen’s dojo and decide their next plan of attack, which involves gathering up everyone they know and love and getting them somewhere safe then looking for Luke who they think was captured. They hear footsteps though, and everyone except Matt is ready to fight, while Matt just laughs the laugh of a man thinking “you crafty bastard”, as he already recognizes Luke’s walk. Luke says they got it backwards, and takes them all outside to show Sowande tied up in a van.

Luke goes to fetch Claire while Danny and Colleen keep watch outside. She doesn’t even need to ask what happened, telling him note for note exactly what went down. He sheepishly says she’s spot on and she bemusedly says she hates being right. But outside Danny and Claire spot a train of SUVs pulling up and go to stop the occupants from getting to Luke and Claire. Colleen gets briefly separated from Danny and turns around when she hears a voice because OF MUHFUGGING COURSE Bakudo is still alive. Well, we knew that but it’s sure a damned shock to Colleen. Bakudo tries to use Gaslight-Fu, but Colleen resists and attacks him as Danny shows up. He and Danny trade barbs but Bakudo cuts Colleen’s stomach. He’s about to stab her fatally while Danny is occupied by his lackeys but Luke shows up and lets the knife shatter on his stomach. Bakudo is visibly surprised and pulls a Ninja Vanish. The trio grab Colleen and take her to Misty’s precinct.

Matt shows up at Karen’s office and she knows before he even says it that he’s Daredevil again. He says he has no choice, people will die if he doesn’t get involved, and he’s sorry and she deserves better but right now she’s in danger. She agrees, if reluctantly, and he takes her to the precinct. Jessica meanwhile interrupts a business lunch to snag Trish, but she’s too late and Murakami shows up. Jessica’s super strength is useless against a multi-millenia old ninja with no martial arts training of her own, but Daredevil shows up in time to scare Murakami away.

Once everyone is together at the police station, Claire mends Colleen’s wounds and they have a talk about Colleen being angry she’s not out fighting, and how after being raised and manipulated by the Hand all her life she just wants something stable, a foundation to build a normal life on. Claire tells her she IS the foundation, and she has Danny to build a life with once it’s all over. Karen and Foggy lament their failure to keep Matt away from the suit, while Trish and Malcolm discuss what connection the not an earthquake earthquake has with all of this.

Sowande wakes up bound, and they try to get answers from him, but he just no sells them all, while trying to mindscrew them at the same time. Meanwhile the rest of the Hand is meeting. Gao is still surly with Bakudo for that whole “locking her in a room for days without food” thing from Iron Fist, but agrees they’re still on the same side. Once everyone is there, they tell Alexandra they think she’s failed, that using the last of “the substance”, which I presume is what revived Elektra and keeps them all immortal, the goopy blood stuff, to revive Elektra was a mistake now that Daredevil is openly involved, because Elektra loved him and has proven to not be the empty vessel Alexandra promised. Not to mention that without it they’re all mortal now and can be killed.The other three tell Alexandra they’re not so sure she should remain in charge.

Matt interrogates Sowande and ends up knocking him unconscious. Stick says it’s time for him to come clean to the others about Elektra. Meanwhile now that everyone’s loved ones are safe in Misty’s precinct, she reassures them they’ll be kept safe and out of harm’s way. Colleen tells her she herself is safer not knowing more about the Hand even if she thought Misty would believe her to begin with. Misty gives her back her katana just in case.

The others are berating Matt for holding out on them after they agreed to put everyone’s cards on the table. Stick still insists there’s nothing left of Elektra ands she needs to be destroyed, Matt still believes she’s in there somewhere and can be reached. Meanwhile Sowande has come to, and while they’re all arguing breaks free and grabs Danny. He tells them he’s leaving with the Iron Fist and they can’t stop him. Stick says basically Hold My Beer to that and beheads him without a second thought. The other four just stare at him. Well mosat of them.

Alexandra goes to talk to Elektra to find her gone. Elektra proves she IS in there as she finds her way to Matt’s loft, and ends up curling up on his bed looking emotionally strained.

Ends of episode.

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