GFW Impact Wrestling 8/24/17 Recap – Gauntlet For The Global Gold

Destination X is recapped to start the show, including the ref choke out. Jeff Jarrett and ATT get into an argument with Jeff saying they won’t pay him what he’s paying him. We’re then shown them getting along earlier in the day. Cornette tells the roster that Anthem can make the company bigger – but it’s up to them to want to be stars. He says there are no free rides here and as long as there’s no lazy guys looking for an easy paycheck, there won’t be an issue. Cornette says that the 18 men here along with Lashley, who will be fined for being late, and a mystery entrant will go for the Global Title and the man who wins will be the guy who fights the hardest and longest. Cornette is still one hell of a promo.

The Heat Seekers are mid-ring to battle OVE. The Crists dive to the floor to start and a big OVE chant breaks out right away – well, they already come off like stars after one week, so that’s good. Double boots to an unnamed Heat Seeker before a double-team enzuiguri sets up a high-low to end it. Cornette says he’s fine Lashley $5,000 and if he makes TMZ, he’s gone. Eli apologizes to Cornette and says he didn’t mean to be number one for the Gauntlet, and Cornette calls him out for just wanting to change his number. He offers him a bribe and Cornette says okay, if he promises to not speak to him for the rest of the night, he’ll change his number. Cornette offers him the number two slot – it’s a completely different number after all and says there, now you’re number two. This was a perfect skit and Jim is perfect in this role.

A Gail Kim video airs setting up Taryn Terrell’s return to the ring and a new theme. Given that she just had a second kid, she looks outstanding. Taryn says that she showed up at Gail’s hall of fame and didn’t even get a phone call and Gail DOESN’T EVEN FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER. Oh good, she’s not making that private anymore. Taryn talks smack about Gail’s husband, so Gail comes down and chases her backstage. We get a GFW Live Event recap and see some cool shots of Low-Ki and a fan in a Monkees shirt talk about how great it was. Well, it’s nice to see them put themselves over and hype up the meet and greets.

Low-Ki and EC3 hype up the Gauntlet for the Gold match before the rest of the guys hype themselves up. Cornette asks Lashley what he and his goons were thinking jumping the rail and Cornette tells ATT that he’s lucky he let them in there. Lashley says it’s not over and we get a Taya Valkyrie hype video. The Grado-Park saga is recapped and we see Park say Grado isn’t a mark, he’ll say goodbye. Grado says goodbye and Park says he loves him and the fans do too before giving him some more weird family advice. Grado says he’ll miss a lot of food before Park says he’s making him hungry. LVN comes down ACTUALLY DRESSED LIKE A PERSON AGAIN.

I’m so conflicted – on one hand, she’s hot and on the other, the wedding dress gimmick is outstanding. She says he’s the peanut butter to his jelly and the whipped cream to her twinkie. Well, he’s getting something tonight – and it might be wed as she drops to her knees to ask him to marry her. He says yes and they dance while a wedding song plays. Josh is absolutely furious that Grado won’t be gone and then Kong comes down angrily. Cornette and Eddie talk about meeting in the Hammerstein and how Eddie worked with a broken elbow and he’s never seen anything like that. He’s sorry he got a bad number, but he knows what he can do and Anthem would be proud as would he if he won the title.

LAX does a weekly business check – they’ve jacked the prices up in their clubs while Diamante has their hookers on lock. Konnan tells Low-Ki to kick ass tonight and win the title. Eddie and Drake start off the gauntlet with chops before Mario comes in and double teams Eddie with Drake. Kingston returns and dominates Eddie before Sutter comes in. A jobber named Richard Justice comes in and does squats. EC3 comes out and attempts to run into the ring. He kicks Justice low and tosses him out. Everyone gangs up on Kongo Kong before Suicide comes down. Kong takes him out and brawls with Shera before getting low-bridged to the floor.

Chris Adonis saves Eli from elimination. They team up to toss guys out before Fantasma comes down. Johnny Impact comes down with his IAmJohnMorrison Twitter handle – which is a great way to get around trademarks since guys usually have to keep that Twitter name alive in order to remain verified. He takes out Adonis before going at it with Garza Jr. Garza kicks Sutter out over the top. EC3 buries Johnny Impact’s name because it’s stupid. Baha comes down and guys can’t team up to take him out. KM comes down and we get a bunch of nothing before Ishimori comes in. Lashley and Moose are in and Mosses tosses Garza onto guys to take him out. Fantasma is eliminated by a TK3 by EC3. Low-Ki has a dragon clutch on Lashley, who tosses him out. Lashley spears Moose, but Moose hits a corner Okada dropkick to send him out! Eddie takes Moose out and Eli uses his feet to avoid elimination. Eli pulls Johnny off the apron to take him out, leaving it down to Eli and Eddie in a singles match.

Number 1 and 2 will now close the match. Eddie dives onto him and a blue thunder bomb gets 2. Eli wins it with the Gravy Train and we get another ATT confrontation. Eli and Adonis celebrate the win while JB says ATT can’t be back here. Eli is put over as almost a babyface here and gets an Eli chant. Well, he’s a homegrown-ish guy, a great promo, and they didn’t just give the title to a newcomer to the promotion – so this is a smart move in that sense and it’s a role he can grow into. He’s certainly a better fit for instant World Title push than Jinder was – he’s far better in the ring and on the mic and this is an interesting experiment.

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