Marvel Comics Legacy & Secret Empire Spoilers: Secret Empire #10 Has No More Hydra, Generations Tie-In, Captain America Hydra Armor & More Via 10 Variant Covers Preview

Marvel Comics Legacy and Secret Empire Spoilers follow for Secret Empire #10.

Secret Empire #10, the finale to Marvel Comics most controversial event mini-series, where Captain America was revealed to be a longstanding Nazi Hydra member and leader.

Can Captain America be redeemed? What about the Vanishing Point? All answers are coming in Secret Empire #10.

What else do we know? Well…

    • No More Hydra? Check.
    • Generations Tie-In? Check times two (2).
    • Captain America Hydra Armor? Check times two (2).
    • Biggest Hydra action figure yet? Check!
    • Jack Kirby 100 birthday tribute? Check.
    • J. Scott Campbell T & A? Check.
    • Collage of other Secret Empire art? Check.
    • Obscure villain centric art? Check.

Those are you ten (10) Secret Empire variant covers and counting for Secret Empire #10.

(1) Mark Brooks main cover.

(2) Civil Warrior variant cover.

(3) Alex Ross Generation variant 1.

Looks like we’ll see the time travel initiated in Secret Empire #10 that is the thrust for all the Generations one-shots.

(4) Alex Ross Generation variant 2.

(5) Shield variant cover; No More Hydra!

(6) Christopher Action Figure variant cover with Galactus.

(7) J. Scott Campbell variant.

(8) Repurposing collage variant cover of Sorrentino’s previous Secret Empire Hydra Heroes covers.

(9) Mora Villains Cover.

(10) Jack Kirby tribute cover.

What else do you see?

So, do these teasers and preview of the Secret Empire #10 covers intrigue you enough ti pick up the issue (at least one(1))?

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