Marvel & Netflix’s “The Defenders” Recaps By Penny Episode 8; The Defenders

Colleen is still pushing to implode the Midland building. Luke is against it. Luke says the whole idea is insane, but even Jessica agrees it’s the only way to truly finish off the Hand. Matt and Claire agree. Theyu all tell Luke they’re not thrilled with the idea, but they all know the Hand will only keep coming after them and their loved ones unless they cut the head off of the serpent here and now and end it. Luke finally agrees as long as they all agree no innocents get killed. Opening credits.

Gao is walking amongst the dragon’s ribcage, telling Elektra she should believe her now, and explains what the dragons were and how they need to focus on excavating the substance quickly, as the foundations of New York itself will crumble when they’re done. Danny eavesdrops from behind a giant rib bone.

Claire and Colleen go to find the lode-bearing foundation Raymond was going to blow up to cause the building to collapse, while Matt, Jess and Luke go to find the secret elevator to descend into the hole. Meanwhile outside Misty gets word about the explosives being stolen and realizes what’s about to happen. Her captain begins ecvacuating nearby buildings and calls the bomb squad, while Misty tries to find a way inside.

Trish and Karen talk back at the station, about the insanity going on, about their friends, about trying to hunt down the truth no matter who obstructs you. When Foggy and Malcolm show up saying they heard a radio calling all available cops to Midland, Trish realizes that’s the epicentre of everything.

Danny starts taking down lackeys but Gao overpowers him, calling him still a naive child wishing he could hold his mother’s hand. The other three Defenders find and enter the secret elevator, after an awkward comic relief moment with Matt saying he’s glad they all met. Claire and Colleen find the right place and start setting the charges, planning to wait to set the timer until the Defenders all get back with Danny, but Bakudo shows up and Claire fights him. Misty phones Claire and hears swordfighting and grunts in the background, and shoots her way into the building. Gao is about to murder Danny for Elektra until they hear the elevator, and Elektra thinks he might be more useful alive.

Matt hears the Hand goons cocking weapons at the bottom of the hole, so Luke has an idea jess won’t like. When the elevator hits bottom Jess is alone, asking to talk, saying this shit’s all gotten way too weird for her and she doesn’t want to fight… alone. Matt and Luke come out of nowhere and the last battle begins.

Bakudo is trying to gaslight Colleen as always but Claire takes out his soldiers with a wrench. Misty shows up and holds him at gunpoint. He no sells her gunshots and tells Colleen he’ll kill them both to show her where she belongs. Misty coldcocks him and he sets up her own superhero future by cutting off most of her right arm. Colleen returns the favour by cutting off Bakuto’s head. Three fingers down, two to go. Unfortunately Bakudo’s body hits the timer, activating the detonator countdown.

Down below, Matt hears the bomb, tells the others to leave without him, whispers somethiug in Danny’s ear, and says he’s going to try to reach Elektra one last time. Reluctantly the others leave. Several goons attack them on their way up, including Murakami, but Luke tosses him down the shaft to his death. Matt and Elektra fight, trading barbs back and forth as they beat each other loopy. He says the true her is still in thereĀ  She insists this finally IS the real her.

Everything goes to shit and I don’t want to spoil the final scenes even though it’s a recap. From this point on, watch for yourself. It’s worth not having it spoiled for you from here on out.

Overall I liked it. Everyone gets equal time, including the supporting players, they all interact wonderfully whether snarking at each other or having each others’ backs. Everything just gels beautifully. It isn’t perfect, but it more than makes up for the disappointment of Iron Fist.

That’s it for me for the Defenders. See you again for whichever series is next!

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