HUGE Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: Secret Empire #10 Has Real Captain America (Hydra Nazi) Defeated By Fake Captain America (Cosmic Cube Kobik Memory)!


Even bigger spoilers leak about Secret Empire #10 HERE.


HUGE Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers for Secret Empire #10 actually spoiled by Marvel Comics.

Did you read how convoluted that headline is?

        “Secret Empire #10 Has Real Captain America (Hydra Nazi) Defeated By Fake Captain America (Cosmic Cube Kobik Memory)!”

That’s not a joke. That is what Marvel just revealed, but in a longer-winded format TWO WHOLE DAYS before Secret Empire #10 hits stands. Therefore, I grudgingly am spoiling what Marvel already revealed about the book.


As context, we learned in Secret Empire #9 that the memory of what Steve Rogers / Captain America is / was according to Kobik, the sentient cosmic cube, is in the Vanishing Point. That is the bearded Steve Rogers whose adventures we’ve been following.

That makes the clean-shaven Steve Rogers / Captain America, the current head of Nazi Hydra organization, as the real Captain America.

So, it appears, based on what Marvel provided to the New York Times, two days before Secret Empire #10 hits stands, is that the Steve Rogers / Captain America that emerges as THE definitive Cap of Marvel Legacy is a figment of a sentient cosmic cube’s imagination / memory. So, he’s not really real per se, but will be Marvel’s patriotic champion nonetheless; an American dream made flesh if you will.

Here the two pages Marvel released.

The fake Captain America confronts real Captain America…

…and defeats him with help of Thor’s enchanted Mjolner.

Fake Steve Rogers is the Marvel Legacy Captain America.

It is not clear whether the classic versions of Thor…

…Hulk and Iron Man that emerge for Marvel Legacy…

…are also figments of Kobik’s mind.

So, the classic Avengers return in Marvel Legacy… are the real or surreal?

Not sure Marvel made things better with the presumed end of Secret Empire #10. Not sure what the point or purpose of Secret Empire Omega #1 is now.

Let’s hope that the fakes aren’t the core Avengers in Marvel Legacy.

There are a lot more than two pages in Secret Empire #10. Let’s hope these two pages aren’t as they seem.

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