Marvel Comics Legacy & Secret Empire #10 Spoilers: Generations, Including Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1, Explained, But What Is The Vanishing Point?

Marvel Comics Legacy and Secret Empire #10 Spoilers follow.

In addition to the pretty significant moments we witnessed in Secret Empire #10…

  • (I) Nazi Hydra Captain America using the cosmic cube to change reality and wipe out the Avengers from existence (spoilers here);
  • (II) A classic feeling Captain America / Steve Rogers confronting Hydra Captain America where they discuss which of them is “real” (spoilers here);
  • (III) Learning which of the two Captain America / Steve Rogers is worthy to wield Thor’s hammer now and if Hydra Cap ever really was able to (spoilers here); and
  • (IV) The reveal of the cunning plan by Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to defeat Hydra Cap (spoilers here).

…there is one other small yet important moment in the issue.

For example, explaining why the Generations one-shots happen.

Secret Empire #10 has not one, buy two variant covers that hype the Vanishing Point…

…the MacGuffin that allows modern-day heroes and heroines to visit their namesakes in the past or future.

However, why those time travel journies happened hasn’t been explained until Secret Empire #10.

Apparanemtly, as a gift to the heroes and heroines that stood up to Hydra, and saved her from the Vanishing Point, she gives them a gift of these time travel one-shots…

…and they return refreshed and reborn after these adventures.

However, the nature or what is the Vanishing Point isn’t explain in the pages of Secret Empire #10 leaving us them only with the Vanishing Point poem that has opened each Generations one-shot so far including this week’s Generations Hawkeye / Hawkeye #1, the Archers.

Perhaps Secret Empire Omega #1 will explain the Vanishing Point further or…

…Marvel Legacy #1.

Time will tell.

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