Marvel Comics Legacy & Secret Empire #10 Spoilers: How Does Nazi Hydra Captain America / Steve Rogers Change Reality & History?

Marvel Comics Legacy and Secret Empire #10 Spoilers follow.

Before other events that occur in Secret Empire #10 such as…

    • (1) a classic feeling Captain America / Steve Rogers returns to face Hydra Captain America (spoilers here),
    • (2) before the heroes start visiting the Vanishing Point to enable the Generations one-shots (spoilers here),
    • (3) before we found out who is worthy to wield Thor’s hammer now and if Hydra Cap ever really was (spoilers here), and
    • (4) before the reveal of the cunning plan by Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to defeat Hydra Cap (spoilers here)….

…Hydra Captain America uses the piece of the Cosmic Cube he has powering his armor to change reality again.

This is in response to the Avengers assembling and…

…swarming him.

He activities the cosmic cube he has, despite missing a fragment, and…

…reality changes…

…with the Avengers in his midst evaporated! The headlines behind Hydra Captain America speak to Spider-Man, X-Men and more and their fates in this new and soon to be short-lived reality.

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