Marvel Comics Legacy & Secret Empire #10 Spoilers: Which Captain America Is Worthy To Hold Thor’s Hammer Mjolner? Was Hydra Cap Ever Worthy?

Marvel Comics Legacy and Secret Empire #10 Spoilers follows.

On top of the two big reveals so far in Secret Empire #10…

  • (i) Nazi Hydra Captain America using the cosmic cube to change reality and wipe out the Avengers from existence (spoilers here);
  • (ii) A classic feeling Captain America / Steve Rogers confronting Hydra Captain America where they discuss which of them is “real” (spoilers here);
  • (iii) The heroes start visiting the Vanishing Point to enable the Generations one-shots (spoilers here); and.
  • (iv) The reveal of the cunning plan by Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to defeat Hydra Cap (spoilers here).

…we also have the question of the worthiness to hold Thor’s hammer.

One of the most controversial scenes in Secret Empire was in the Free Comic Book Day 2017 (FCBD 2017) issue that saw Captain America, Agent of Hydra, wield Thor’s magic hammer making this corrupted Nazi Steve Rogers “Worthy”.

Well, in Secret Empire #10, in the battle between the good Captain America (the sentient Cosmic Cube Kobik’s figment of memory / imagination of what Captain America should be) and the evil Captain America (the real DNA and all Captain America who has been corrupted and is a Hydra Nazi) we have a battle for Mjolner.

In the new raelity created by Hydra Cap, it is the strongest not worthiest that can wield the hammer of Hydra (not Thor)…

…however that reality is shattered and the proper hammer of Thor, Mjolner, can only be lifted by the worthy of which…

…the American Dream “good” Captain America can do. And use it to defeat Hydra Cap.

Not sure how the hammer reveal plays into recent issues of Thor where female Jane Foster Thor presumably wields it, but perhaps those questions will be answered in Secret Empire Omega #1 or Marvel Legacy #1 or never.

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