DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Justice League Of America #13 Bridges Doomsday Clock #1 To DCU Rebirth #1 w/ Dr. Manhattan Of The Watchmen?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Justice League Of America #13 follows.

The mystery of Ray Palmer, the original Atom, originated in DC Universe Rebirth #1 among several other mysteries of which many involve Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen manipulating reality.

They payoff of the Ray Palmer mystery began last issue and continues this week with JLA #13 as the team is in the Microverse.

The encounter a hooded figure wearing Ray Palmer’s bio belt that allows him to shrink, but it’s Ray Palmer…

…its a woman named Preon who says she was Ray Palmer scientific partner; working on healing the quantum problems in the Microverse. Preon speaks of another threat as well, someone named Aron Aut, who was also originally working with Palmer to save the Microverse.

Then Preon explain what has befallen the Microverse; reality is upside-down and it sure sounds like the direct or indirect work of Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen who will be the central threat of the Doomsday Clock event in the Fall.

They then visit Moz-ga the thinking planet in the Microverse who they need to figure out a way to communicate with as it may hold some helpful tips – or miracles as the folklore goes – to avert disaster.

We get more context on Moz-ga and allegedly see where Ray Palmer had lived and worked.

The depressed and disheveled populace attack the Justice League of America and Preon; the latter is shot by…

…Aron Aut! Preon is stuck between milliseconds and Aut claims…

…he’s the good guy. Batman wonders who is lying about being their motives to help Palmer – Preon or Aut?

Ryan Choi thinks he has found a way to communicate with Moz-ga…

…Killer Frost kisses him and entices him to be safe and come back home as…

…he delves deeper into the Microverse!

Fun times!

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