GFW Impact Wrestling 8-31-17 – Eli and Adonis battle Johnny and Eddie

American Top Team is shown arriving, leading to Jeff Jarrett arguing with Dan Lambert. The audio is so bad that JB has to translate everything. We see Eli winning the Global Title and he walks down with Adonis in suits and stogies. He says it took him 14 years to win it, but he did it and is celebrating with zebra print furniture. He brags about getting a cougar earlier before Johnny Impact comes down. Eddie comes down to chat with “Mr. Impact” as well and says he outranks Johnny as a former World Champion here. Cornette makes a tag match and if Eli’s team loses, Eli has to defend the title against that person.

Allie chats with Taryn, who gives Allie a message for Gail – a beatdown. Storm vs. Low-Ki is hyped up while Petey Williams returns as well. OVE battles Bahh and Bokara, with Bahh getting a crossbody and they take Bokara out with a wheelbarrow spinning cutter off the top. Cornette talks to Moose about being in TripleMania’s battle royal – and Lashley will be there too. Wow did they mess up with the timing of this. EC3 is outraged over being the company’s grandest champion and not being at TripleMania and Cornette says he’ll be defending the Grand Title against El Hijo Del Fantasma. EC3 says he didn’t know, so they tell him his ass shoulda called somebody.

Caleb Konley comes down with Trevor Lee to face Petey Williams. Petey looks great and flies around with Caleb. Caleb hits a nice spinning backhand, but misses a standing moonsault. Lee prevents a Destroyer, so he dives on him, hits an outside-in Codebreaker and ends it with a Canadian Destroyer. Lee beats him up and Richard Justice meets with a doctor, who calls BS on his weight of 205. Karen meets with Sienna and Taryn, with Karyn talking down to Taryn and makes a tag match for them to face Gail and Allie.

Kongo destroys Richard Justice until Shera makes a save. Johnny Impact talks about the main event and talks about slam town. Konnan chats with LAX and talks down to Low-Ki about James Storm. Low-Ki comes down and Storm battles him with the back elbows. JB hypes up the Global Wrestling Network app – their version of the WWE Network that will launch at some point in September. Ki eats a slingshot, but turns it into a blind jump double stomp for 2. Eye of the Storm hits for 2.5 before Santana belt shots Storm and Ki wins it with the Warrior’s Way.

Allie meets with Braxton, who consoles her about it before some guy comes in and Braxton gets offended. Cornette talks about the ATT issues and how his team is messing his head up. Joseph Park meets with LVN and Grado, who says that this wedding will go far better than her last one. He’ll have his uncle Tobias as the DJ, but doesn’t feel that Grado’s request to have someone blow his bagpipes at the service is appropriate – but he’ll note it for the bachelor party. Grado wants to invite his whole family, the Honky Tonk Man, and she wants her family to come to. Park does a spittake when she says she’s from Canada – so his plan has been foiled! We get a hype video for AAA’s Pagano and another one for Taya Valkyrie, who debuts next week.

Lashley says he won’t leave either MMA or pro wrestling and he wants to do wrestling for 10-20 years. Lambert says he can be an MMA World Champion if he focuses on MMA. He says he’ll leave TripleMania as a champion – which is mighty difficult. Maybe he could’ve shot on Sexy Star and won her title. Eli keeps his mid-card theme and entire presentation – but he’s got a belt now. Well, this isn’t exactly the makeover his act needed.

Adonis and Eddie start off before Johnny and Adonis go at it. Eddie dives onto Eli through Johnny’s legs before Johnny hits a corkscrew dive onto Adonis. Eli powerslams him and hits the “E-LI DRAKE” elbow for 2. Johnny hits a double moonlight drive on them for 2, which makes Nova’s wacky DDT/stunner look credible. He gives himself a 5-to-1 countdown for a flip dive, which misses – so maybe don’t do that again. Flying Chuck hits Adonis before Eli and Eddie come in. Eli hits Eddie with the Gravy Train – so he doesn’t have to defend against either of them. Lashley and ATT come down to steal the show before Sydal wants a shot at the title. All right – so now this really feels like a mid-card belt, with the main event angle being Lashley and ATT.