DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Green Lanterns #30 Has The First Green Lanterns Vs. Volthoom, Deaths & HUGE Moment For Simon Baz!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Green Lanterns #30 follows.

In the last several months of Green Lanterns we’ve seen the revelations on who the first 7 Green Lanterns were. During that time, in a modern day battle with Volthoom, who continues to look for his Travel Lantern from Earth 15.

Simon Baz (no ring-less as Volthoom destroyed his Green Lantern ring) and Jessica Cruz were somehow transported 1 million years in the past with a destiny of training the very first Green Lanterns. Unbeknownst to Volthoom, Rami the Rogue Guardian, used his Travel Lantern to create the first 7 Green Lantern rings ever adorned by the first 7 Green Lanterns.

With that, to recap, with the first 4 Green Lanterns, the 7 first lanterns are:

The last one came to an surprising fate – a same issue death, the first of the First Green Lanterns deaths – leaving only 6 first Green Lanterns for Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz to train.

Ok, now you’re caught up to Green Lanterns #30.

The book opens with 3 of the 6 First Green Lanterns in action. Brill with ring-less Simon Baz; plus Tyran’r and Alitha presumably with ring-bearer Jessica Cruz ready to attack Volthoom.

Volthoom is using the Phantom Lantern – which channels all of the emotional spectrum – and is seemingly working to…

…help the people of the Guardians who don’t use their intellect in the same way so look more humanoid than the Guardians. However, he can’t control himself as the power of the Phantom Ring is too great.

Tyran’r and Alitha attack Volthoom while Guardians watch pleased yet surprised to see the new Green Lantern ring-bearers – rings created by Rami – help the Guardians and the populace from Volthoom.

Jessica Cruz with Calleen and Z’Kran Z’Rann entry the battle with Volthoom trying to separate his attention and diffuse the concentration needed to command the Phantom Ring or, for that matter, any emotional spectrum ring.

Volthoom kills Calleen in battle – the second of the First Green Lanterns deaths

…Volthoom then kills Alitha in battle – the third of the First Green Lanterns deaths

…Volthoom finally kills Brill in battle – the fourth of the First Green Lanterns deaths.

That leaves three First Green Lanterns left standing with Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz – Tyran’r, Kaja Dox and Z’Kran Z’Rann – as the Green Lantern rings of their fallen comrades look for a replacement ring-bearer.

Despite the numbers being against him, Volthoom takes them all out leaving him to face…

…a ring-less Simon Baz! He tries his best, but to no avail…

…until we learn where the Green Lanterns rings of the four deceased First Green Lanterns have ended up…

…choosing Simon Baz as the bearer of all four Green Lantern rings!



An action-packed issue that felt like a summer blockbuster action movie in the best possible way. Sad to see more than half of the First Green Lanterns deceased, but that was quite a final cliffhanger page. Awesome issue by writer Sam Humphries – notwithstanding the “fists of Detroit steel” panel – and the interesting cartoony pencils by Carlos Barberi. 9 out of 10.

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