Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: Venomverse #1 w/ Eddie Brock, Steve Rogers Captain America & Peter Parker Amazing Spider-Man Vs. Hulk & More?!

Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers for Venomverse #1 follows.

At least eight (8) covers.

One (1) summary and credits page.

One (1) page that I threw in here for you, it is not in the book, so you get caught up on main Marvel Earth’s core symbiotes. That appears to be from top left and going clockwise: Toxin, Anti-Venom, Carnage and Venom.

There are others through.

And now we’re in the thick on Venomverse #1.

Eddie Brock, Marvel’s core Venom, is transported to a different world it seems and is approach by an albino street urchin…

…is killed by a Venomized Captain America. All is not as it appears as readers move to the next page we see the true look of that urchin; not very human at all.

Captain AMerica takes Venom of the Resistance; a cabal of Venoms from across Marvel’s multiverse (which I thought wasn’t supposed to exist after Secret Wars, but I digress). Can you name all of the Venoms?

They have been pulled together to combat the threat of…

…little insidious hunters that consume venoms and create horrifying beings as a result. However, until they do that, these weak little hunters have strong mental abilities to make you see what they want to see like the street urchin earlier in the issue.

A cannibalized Venom Hulk – who has been consumed by a hunter and become something else – attacks the Venom Resistance as the team scatters.

Venom is with a Peter Parker from another world that kept his symbiote. This Peter Parker, no longer an Amazing Spider-Man, doesn’t rust Eddie Brock, but all that doesn’t matter due to the shared threat of these little hunters.

A cannablized Venom Doctor Octopus and/or Scorpion attacks Eddie and Peter.

In the midst of the battle, Peter is seduced by a hunter that projects Aunt May to Peter allowing him to be…

…consumed and turned into a very Anti-Venom looking being.

An interesting read.

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