GFW Impact Wrestling 9/7/17 Recap – Eli Vs. Sydal For The Global Title

Eli and Chris Adonis come into the building before they hype up Sydal vs. Eli tonight. Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee come down to face Petey and Sonjay – building off of last week’s singles match. By golly, a random tag match that actually has some context! Petey outsmarts the heels and bulldogs Lee into Konley for 2. Konley hits a slick sliding shot and then an elbow to the head of Petey. Sonjay hits a run-up DDT and the Destroyer hits Konley and Sonjay dives onto him for a win. New graphics show off the challenger and champion while also making the title itself seem important – I dig it.

LAX comes down and destroys a jobber team, with Diamante beating up one of them on the floor. Street Sweeper ends it and OVE comes down and makes a challenge. Konnan says they’ll put them on the line in The Crash. Taryn Terrell and Sienna come down to face Allie and Gail. Sienna and Gail go at it with Josh calling Gail sad for hanging on too long. The heels cheat to win with Sienna holding the tights off of an Allie crossbody to pin her. The heels jump Allie, so Rosemary comes down and helps out, but gets beaten down until Taya Valkyrie debuts. She’s got an epic theme and tron – great presentation overall. Taya attacks Rosemary to add yet another heel to the mix and takes her out with a glam slam.

Eli talks about Johnny Impact for a bit and they hype up Sydal a bit. Cornette comes down and really hypes up Eli vs. Sydal before Johnny comes down and chats for a bit. LAX and Low-Ki are down with Cornette calling BS on the numbers advantage. Konnan buries the AAA Title and Cornette for not giving Low-Ki a title shot. Ki and Johnny brawl before LAX beats up guards and Johnny. Cornette makes Johnny vs. Ki for next week and the winner gets a title shot.

Grado and LVN break up due to her being Canadian, so she loses her mind and hides it. Oh this is going to be wonderful. She smears her lipstick on her face – so she’s back to being nuts. JB says they’re back from TripleMania and we get timestamped footage of the event, showing how they really messed up last week saying it happened this past week. We see DJZ’s slick getup and talking about how much being in AAA means to him. We see film stock footage of Lashley and Moose running wild in this giant arena on a big event. JB hypes up Johnny’s ascent in Mexico while also building up the Moose vs. Lashley rivalry from the PPV. Johnny hypes up Texano Jr. and El Hijo Del Fantasma and we see him shine. They wisely don’t show Vampiro kicking his ass and yeah, this was just perfect.

We see Sexy Star shoot on Rosemary and Jeff talks about how Lashley knew something was wrong right away. Jeff talks smack with Vamp and La Parka before being calmed down by Vamp. JB says that things like this are just speed bumps and TripleMania was wonderful. We get some hype for Dezmond Xavier and he talks about working for MCW. We see a Pagano hype video and Eddie Edwards winning the GHC Title. A Garza Jr. video shows off Hector Garza and we see Richard Justice get squashed by Kongo Kong. Richard Justice says he can’t take himself out of the game because he might not get back in.

Sydal says he’ll get the gold tonight, leading to their match. Sydal gets bullied a lot here and eats a nasty apron elbow. Eli locks on a sleeper and they brawl on the floor. Sydal lands some nice chops, but eats an eye poke. Eli runs him down with a lariat, but eats a pair of flying knees for 2. Sydal eats a belt shot and then the Gravy Train ends it. The World Champion’s finish is “the Gravy Train” – that is just terrible, especially when the Blunt Force Trauma was much cooler. Perfectly fine mid-card title match – but this isn’t the kind of match that Eli needs to have as a World Champion.

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