The Fantasy Book on The McMahon Games: The Aftermath (Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, WrestleMania)

Hello. Once more into the breach we go.

With The McMahon Games complete, the Fantasy Booked wrestling world moves on. Sami Zayn becomes Mr. Money in the Bank due to a terrific performance and hard fought victories. The briefcase goes everywhere with Sami, but even with that momentum, Zayn can not help but fall back into an underdog role.

Sami Zayn would turn back into the “lovable loser” in many ways, even though he would constantly remind people that he just needs to pick his spot to get to the top. He would be involved in a few high profile feuds, including one with Jinder Mahal. On occasion, when Brock Lesnar was on the same card, Sami would make a point to stop by and comment to Lesnar and/or Paul Heyman about the briefcase.

Heyman and Lesnar would normally laugh off Zayn’s statements and go about their business. Heyman would often comments about how Brock was amused with Zayn, but to be careful not to cross that line to irritation, because it would not work out well for him. This kind of treatment would just get Zayn more worked up and his verbal attacks on Lesnar started getting angrier and angrier.

Meanwhile, other competitors would push forward to try to win the World Heavyweight Title. Royal Rumble would roll around and the winner would be everyone’s least favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns. Reigns and Lesnar would have a good amount of back and forth in the two months leading up to WrestleMania and Paul Heyman would spit out amazing promos.

Nothing would change in the title match for those two months, allowing plenty of time to build the hype for it to main event WrestleMania. Lesnar may even wrestle on TV a couple times, maybe beating Dean Ambrose on Raw and one of the Usos on Smackdown, just to send a message to Reigns. Heyman will hype up Reigns, and Reigns will continue to beat pretty much everyone. Reigns will also get more and more disliked due to his arrogance and a very distinct face/heel dynamic would develop.

The hype machine of the WWE will go all-in on this matchup, putting Reigns, Lesnar, Heyman, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, and others into as many media outlets as possible. This match will start being described as the “Be All, End All” or something similar. Many fans would consider this push to be Reigns’ consolation prize/apology for not winning The McMahon Games.

Finally, the big day would come and after a long WrestleMania (during which Sami Zayn would team up with his old friend Kevin Owens to defeat The New Day) (why not?) the main event would finally come. Big entrances, big introductions, the works.

Lesnar and Reigns would put on a suitably big match. It might not be an all time classic, but it would be hard-hitting and exhausting for the two competitors. The crowd would be extremely pro-Lesnar here, booing Reigns with every little thing he does.

After about 20-25 minutes, Reigns would miss a spear and Lesnar would hoist him up for an F5. He would hit it, go for the cover, and Reigns would kick out at two, surprising everyone. Lesnar would then take Reigns to Suplex City, hitting him with, let’s say, 9 German suplexes in a row. After completing those suplexes, he would stalk Reigns to go for another F5. Reigns would then hit a Superman punch in a desperation move.

The punch wouldn’t keep Lesnar at bay for long, as he would regroup, pick up Lesnar and hit another F5. Lesnar would then decide to punish Reigns. He would pick up his dead weight and hit a second F5. The crowd would be chanting for “One more!” and Lesnar would decide to oblige. He would pick Reigns up again, but Reigns would somehow slide off Lesnar’s shoulders, bounce off the ropes, and hit Lesnar with a spear. He would cover Lesnar and the ref would count three to a huge chorus of boos.

As soon as the announcement of Reigns as the new champion, Sami Zayn’s music would hit. Barely audible above the booing crowd, eventually the fans would realize Zayn was coming out with his MITB briefcase. They would start a huge “Ole” cheer for Sami as he entered the ring and handed the briefcase to the referee. The referee would tell the ring announcer to they would ring the bell.

Reigns would barely be able to get to his feet, but would lean against the corner when the match starts. Zayn would go running across the ring to hit a Helluva Kick, but Reigns would move out of the way. Zayn would crash into the turnbuckle and when he was able to turn around, he would see Roman Reigns flying in at him with a Superman punch.

Zayn would duck out of the way of the Superman punch and Reigns would get caught up on top of the turnbuckle. Zayn would race across the ring and back, hitting his Helluva Kick this time. Reigns would roll over the turnbuckle a little bit, and Sami Zayn would get a crazy look in his eyes. He would look around at the crowd and then point up. In a flash, Zayn would climb the turnbuckle and set up Reigns to hit what most fans would expect a superplex. Instead, he would lift Reigns and hit this!

Reigns would fall out of the ring, but Lesnar, who was still at ringside with Heyman, would pick up Reigns and toss his battered and beaten body back into the ring. Zayn would cover Reigns and get a three count and win the World Heavyweight Title! The crowd would go absolutely crazy and that is how WrestleMania would end.


Zayn would probably not hold the World Title for long. No one would expect Zayn to remain at the top of the mountain for long. However, that moment at WrestleMania, set up by The McMahon Games, would be replayed over and over and over again.


So what did you think about The McMahon Games and the aftermath? Would you be interested if the WWE was fantasy booked like this for a few months? Let me know in the comments where I went wrong or right. Until next week…

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