WWE Raw 9/11/17 Recap – Braun vs. Cena

A 9/11 tribute video airs before Cole hypes up Brock Lesnar coming in tonight. Roman Reigns comes down to face Jason Jordan, with the story being that Jordan wants to hang with the best – but of course, Roman’s goal is to beat him faster than Cena did to prove he’s better. JJ gets a few chances to shine, like with the double Northern Lights, but the Superman punch and spear end it. Good – Roman needed to get his finishing sequence over again. Cena comes down and says that “the rookie” almost beat him and “the guy” in Roman. Cena tells him to keep the response to one sentence and make it like “it’s my yard, believe that!”. Ouch.

Roman tells him he had a great match – something Cena knows nothing about and he’s had more great matches in two years than Cena has had his entire career. Cena says he loves this – Roman’s burying himself and he doesn’t even have to talk. Roman’s good, but his head’s too far up his ass. He says he should too because no one’s cut him down to size – that’s why he’s here. At No Mercy, he’ll learn what real failure is all about. Roman says that Cena came to Raw and called him out because Roman sells the tickets that Cena hasn’t sold in five years. Roman talks about ratings and revenue being sky high and WWE doesn’t need Cena – Cena needs WWE because he can’t break into Hollywood. But don’t worry – he knows a guy!

Braun vs. Brock is hyped up, and we get a Connor’s Cure video. Sasha squashes Emma with Nia and Alexa on commentary. Heyman comes out and hypes up Brock and says he wants Braun to come down and fight Brock – he won’t run like a mortal, he wants a reason to fight him. Braun comes down and chokeslams him down quickly before poweslamming him and holding the title high. Goldust comes out and gets a creepy promo from Bray, who says he thought Goldust was different – but now he’s afraid. Bray squashes him and wipes the paint off to show that Goldust is just a man. Balor comes down and sends him packing.

The Bar is backstage and says they’ll get the titles back from Seth and Dean. They brawl on the ramp before the Club brawls too. Kurt tells Seth and Dean they need to find partners to face the heels tonight. An Asuka hype video shows off her masks and creepy faces. Awesome. Alexa and Nia are absolutely not scared of her. Elias sings and destroys Kalisto. Braun vs. Brock is recapped before Braun faces Cena. Braun dominates Cena and throws him around with a violent fallaway slam. Cena reverses a post shot and crotches him on the rope. Braun misses a corner charge and gets a protobomb before Braun spinebusters him for 2. Braun and Cena brawl on the floor and Braun hits him with the steps. That isn’t a DQ, but a powerslam into the base of the steps is a DQ. They made sure to shoot this to really show off Cena’s bald spot too.

MizTV is up and no one could possibly care about after that spectacle. Miz says he has an announcement to make with Maryse that could only be made where they met – in a WWE ring. She’s pregnant – well, good for them. Enzo interrupts the joy and Miz tells him to shut up because his loud mouth gets him kicked off of buses and locker rooms. Miz tells him that he was sent to 205 Live because no one could stand him – and that’s coming from him! They have a sloppy match and the goons beat up Enzo, who asks that you shouldn’t ask “how ya doin”, but “who’s the daddy?”. The Hardys team with Seth and Dean in a shockingly short match that ends with a Dirty Deeds to Anderson and a pin by Seth. The show really just didn’t need to exist after the Braun-Cena match, but the Maryse pregnancy announcement was pretty sweet.

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