A Penny For Your Thoughts On Vince McMahon’s Fragile Ego

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What in the bloody blue hell is wrong with Vince McMahon?
Look, Kevin (Owens) Steen is a professional. Like a lot of wrestlers he’s a pretty good natured laid back dude in real life. However good he is at playing a bullying douchebag on TV, it’s his ring character, not HIM. There is absolutely NO way in hell Kevin Steen would risk his job security that feeds his wife and son, or risk getting arrested, by shooting on a man in his 70’s.
Which means that brutal headbutt that busted Vince open Hardway was pre-planned. Vince TOLD Kevin to do that spot. Which makes me ask again; WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH VINCE? He’s in his 70’s! He’s nowhere NEAR the physical shape he was in during the attitude era. So why is he such a damned masochist at his age? Why would he WANT one of his employees to make him bleed on live TV? Is this some way for Vince to show everyone what a tough guy he still is at his age? I just don’t understand why a man his age would WANT to be on the receiving end of that spot just to sell an angle for a Hell in a Cell match at a PPV.
Vince needs therapy. Because however hard they tried to make this look like a shoot, we know it isn’t. We know that however big of a dick Kevin OWENS is, Kevin STEEN would NEVER do this for real. So as shooty as the segment looked, we KNOW Vince preplanned that spot. And as much as it was probably to sell the Owens/Shane HITC match at the HITC PPV, I think it was also so Vince to stroke his own ego by showing everyone he don’t need no stretcher!
That man is not well.
Penny is a now divorced intersexed disabled lesbian in BC Canada. She's been watching wrestling and reading comics since she was a kid, and knows her stuff. She lives with her pets and passes her free time writing, drawing, doing paid photoshop work (including logos done for Pulse's Own Mike Gojira), and is a part-time Queer model.