DC Comics Rebirth & Supergirl #13 Spoilers: Legion Of Superheroes Tease, Mr. Oz, Zor-El & More Surprises!

DC Comics Rebirth an Supergirl #13 Spoilers follows.

The DC Comics Rebirth era Fatal Five consists of:

    • Emerald Empress of Legion of Super-Heroes villainy
    • Magog of Kingdom Come
    • Indigo aka Brainiac 8
    • Solomon Grundy (clone?) perennial Justice Society of America and Golden Age Green Lantern foil
    • Selena a new sorceress

Anyhow, the Solomon Grundy clone-thing has been vanquished somehow / somewhen leaving a Fatal Four where two characters – Magog and Selena – are taken out of contention by one betraying the other.

Then Supergirl beats Emerald Empress by destroying her orb.

That leaves Indigo…

…who is defeated by former New 52 Cyborg Superman Zor-el…

..Supergirl’s dad.

The book ends with Cameron Chase resigning as director of the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) and road-tripping with Kryptonian werewolf Lar-On who battled Magog and Selena earlier in the issue.

We meet the new DEO Director who was behind the whole Fatal Five fiasco and had initiated a hit on stranded in modern day Legion of Superheroes heroine Saturn Girl (who is in Arkham Asylum as I recall).

Supergirl’s adoptive Earth parents also quite DEO as National City distrusts Supergirl.

Supergirl #13 ends with Mr. Oz killing Zor-El which…

…solves DC Comics’ two (2) Cyborg Superman problem; now only Hank Henshaw is left standing.

Plus this has greater meaning now due to the reveal of Mr. Oz’s identity in the pages of Action Comics #987 this week as well (spoilers here).

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