GFW Impact Wrestling 9/14/17 Recap – Johnny Impact vs. Low-Ki

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Lashley and ATT come to the building and ATT bullies a tech. Low-Ki vs. Johnny Impact is hyped up and Braxton comes down to face Garza Jr. Garza locks him in a wacky standing submission before we get a tumbling exchange. Garza hits an awesome flying forearm in the corner, but lands hard on the steps thanks to Braxton. Doctor Bomb gets 2 for Sutter. Garza superkicks him and moonsaults him to win. Braxton sorta blames Allie and he wants to just leave, but she wants to make amends. El Hijo Del Fantasma is out to face EC3, with Dutch, D’Amore, and Hector Guerrero out as judges. Hector’s Twitter handle is Lazortron – so if you’re going to have a terrible gimmick, at least own it.

Round 1 doesn’t have much going on outside of chops by EC3. EC3 hits a TK3 to the floor to give EC3 a big edge for round 1. EC3 is up 30-27, so Fantasma starts round 2 off hot with a big dropkick and lands some shotgun knees in the corner. Fantasma dominates the rest of the round and wins that round 30-27. EC3 hits a powerbomb and then a seated powerbomb out of it for 2. Fantasma hits a calf kick and hits the torpedo tope! EC3 hits a knee lift and then a draping One Percenter to barely win round three and thus win the match. Pagano comes in and jumps EC3 until Eddie Edwards comes down to save EC3.

Konnan and LAX are in the club and we get a montage of hot chicks. We see OVE face LAX on September 2 – but Konnan swerves them into it being a 4-way match. So in storyline, he made things harder for his team. We get highlights of the match and see Homicide hit the Gringo Killer before the modern LAX guys finish the job. OVE confronts Konnan and hits many goons surround them. Well, OVE came off as starts here. Grado is out here for his goodbye final match. Grado hits his Dusty offense before winning with the wee boot. Park comes down and says his law firm has opened up a new division and Grado will be his new signee – and he’ll sponsor his visa. Park gives him paperwork and has him rush to sign the paperwork. Careful Grado, the last time that happened, Dixie lost the company in a trial where she had the judge in his back pocket. Park brags about getting him Polaroid shoots and even appearances on all 6,000 podcasts out there. Park shows off the GRADO CONTRACT, which probably has login info for the GFW Network.

Kenzie interviews Johnny, who says that both he and Low-Ki innovate. He says some more stuff at a rate of 5,000 miles per hour, and he really needs to slow things down. Lashley meets with Cornette and wants his release. Cornette tells him that he could make more money solo here, but he’ll release him if he leaves the property with his guys. If he wants his release, he’ll grant it in a match with Moose. Cornette has an amazing gobsmacked face at all this. Trevor Lee faces Sonjay in an X Division Title match, falls count anywhere. An apron PK gets 2 for Trevor, but Sonjay puts him in a chair and hits a crossbody for 2. Back and forth uppercut and forearm exchange leads to Sonjay hitting a pump kick, and then knocking each other down off a stereo pump kick. Trevor sends Sonjay off the top, but Sonjay rolls to the floor and it gets 2. Sonjay throws him through a barricade and they fight backstage, where Caleb attacks Sonjay with a trash can lid. Sonjay gets split open, but gets a 2 count off a superkick. He bonks Lee with a lid and goes for a run-up tornado DDT, but gets crotched on a guardrail. Caleb backhands him while Lee pins him not only with the trunks, but holding a pole.

ATT meets with Richard Justice, who wants to join ATT, but gets beaten up instead. They at least give him a free t-shirt, although it might need a few more Xes in the size to actually fit him. We get some clips of upcoming GFW trainees thanks to D’Amore’s school. Taya Valkyrie comes down with her epic intro and they talk about how she’s been so talked about. Taya was trained by Lance and Liger bombs her for 2 before the glam slam ends it. Eli says that two dummies are fighting to face him at Victory Road. Low-Ki comes out with LAX to face Johnny Impact, whose name and overall presentation is just terrible. Each guys some nice time to shine, with a flying Chuck getting 2 for Johnny. He counts down to the end of the world, but Low-Ki avoids it…because the loud counting is a dead giveaway. Low-Ki misses a warrior’s way, but starship pain ends it. Eli and Adonis jump him before the real main event – Lashley coming down. Lashley talks smack to Cornette and we get a recap of Johnny vs. Low-Ki and Taya’s match. Lashley and Moose brawl before the goons attack Moose and ATT with Lashley stand tall.