DC Comics Rebirth & Action Comics #987 & #988 Spoilers: DC Confirms Mr. Oz Is THE Jor-El, Superman Dad! (UPDATED)

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DC Comics Rebirth with Action Comics #987 and #988 Spoilers follow.


Here is the new lenticular cover for Action Comics #988 hitting stands in 2 weeks.

What do you think?


Action Comics writer Dan Jurgens spoke about the big Mr. Oz identity revelation in Action Comics #987 (spoilers here) and teased Action Comics #988.

Some interview highlights.

      [Mr.] Oz was never Ozymandias. We were focusing on Jor-El from the start. Mr. Oz is Jor-El. The Jor-El…

      …We explored the idea of it [Mr. Oz] being someone else and came up with some different ideas, but whenever we did so it became less of a Superman story. Jor-El as Mr. Oz turns it into a Superman story – a very different type of Superman story than we’ve seen before – and that’s what excited us…

      …Action #988 tells the story of what happened to Jor-El, from the moment of Krypton’s destruction, through his arrival on Earth. It’s a very different journey than the one Kal experienced, and one that will explain a lot of his motivation. The art is incredible. We were blessed to have Ryan Sook lend his talents and it might well be the best thing he’s ever done, especially when I consider how difficult the story was to draw.

Full interview over at CBR.

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