DC Comics Rebirth & Dark Nights Metal Spoilers: Teen Titans #12 Begins w/ Green Arrow, Suicide Squad & TT Vs. The Joker Who Laughs & Batman’s Rogues?


DC Comics Rebirth and Dark Nights Metal Spoilers for Teen Titans #12 follows.

This Dark Nights Metal tie-in, under the Resistance label, opens with the Batman Who Laughs and his Robins invading Arkham City, freeing some inmates and…

…empowering them with metal playing cards.

Then we get a view of Gotham City as the Teen Titans fly in. There is Challangers mountain in the middle of it, which we knew from Dark Nights Metal #1, but we also see rings around the city.

The team enters a building in the outermost ring and in its a labyrinth by a newly powered Riddler.

Green Arrow is also there and…

…attempts to save Damian Wayne, Robin, from a Batman Zombie which…

…is eaten by Killer Croc as the Suicide Squad join the fun.

Our heroes / ant-heroes confront the Riddler in his new robot Minotaur mecha; which makes sense as this mythical beast is tied to a labyrinth.

He poses a riddle…

…which Robin solves beating the Riddler.

Green Arrow picks up the Riddler metal playing card wondering what it is, but believing he’s encountered the metal before.

The Batman Who Laughs is disappointed in the Riddler, but is happy he was in the outermost ring of Gotham City, so, he sends the Dark Multiverse Damian Wayne Robin after the Resistance?

The end of the issues sets up…

…more next week in Nightwing #29!

It would appear that this Resistance arc will see our heroes / ant-heroes travel from circle to circle on their way to the center of Gotham City which I believe is Challengers Mountain now.

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