10 Thoughts on … Ring of Honor September 16, 2017 (Kenny King, The Villain, Mark and Jay Briscoe)

Thought Zero – It’s been a crazy week or so which is why this is a tad late. I apologize as this will probably be a little shorter than usual as well.

  1. Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer are on commentary. These two are developing a nice little bit of chemistry together. Let’s keep this team together for a while. Deal, ROH?
  2. The first match is Kenny King versus Hangman Page. Interesting bit here in that Page has reverted to using his name and drop the “Hangman” moniker. I am good with that, as someone being called the “Hangman” was a little bit of bad taste to me. (Side note – Caprice Coleman joins the announce team, only making it better.)
  3. Kenny King picks up the victory with the Royal Flush in order to keep him strong going into his ROH TV title match against Kushida at Death Before Dishonor. The match was a little slower than I expected it to be, but still was two good talents displaying their ability in the ring. Can’t beat that.
  4. The next match is Marty “The Villain” Scurll versus Rocky Romero. I am quite pleased that I get to see this match. Everyone knows my love of Scurll and Romero is fast and fun in the ring, so let’s get to it. Early on, Scurll hyper extended Romero’s elbow over the ropes and then continues to work on it through a series of intriguing and innovative moves. All to set up the Crossface Chicken Wing. Nice psychology and nice work.
  5. The crowd seems to be behind both guys here. If Scurll turns on Bullet Club at some point, I have  feeling he will become more popular than anyone can imagine.
  6. Romero had some offense throughout, but most of the time it was Scurll dominating and Romero playing Ricky Morton. Scurll picks up the victory with an awesome looking finisher. Love that guy.
  7. Cody Rhodes comes out now to talk and re-assert himself as a heel. He introduces an actual “ring” of honor and says he is going to change the code of honor from a handshake to opponents kissing the ring. So I guess it is a thing now.
  8. We get an extended preview of Death Before Dishonor and the card looks pretty good. Might be a PPV worth checking out.
  9. Bully Ray joins the announce booth as the Briscoe brothers take on The Kingdom. The Kingdom is being represented by Vinny Marsaglia and TK O’Ryan. They are now giving O’Ryan a baseball bat to bring to the ring. I guess they are supposed to be highlighting the fact that he used to play baseball? I’m not quite sure that is enough to qualify as character development, but it is a start. The Briscoes start the match on fire, displaying a speed and fury mixed in with a good amount of crazy. The Kingdom do make a comeback by getting into Jay Briscoe’s head to allow a double team.
  10. The advantage goes back and forth between both teams. Back from break and jay Briscoe is beating the hell out of The Kingdom. The Briscoes appear to have everything under control until Jay Briscoe refuses to go for a pin on TK O’Ryan. Jay orders his brother to go up top, but Marseglia shoves him off the top. A little more back and forth, TK misses a swing with the baseball bat, and one Jay Driller later, the Briscoes get the win.

And that’s all she wrote. On the way out, Ian announces next week will be the Honor Rumble. And Death Before Dishonor is this Friday. See you next week!

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