Blu-Ray Review – Silicon Valley (Season 4)

It’s interesting to see what a television show does when it reaches the point where it should logically end. Most have the courtesy of wrapping up at that point. A show like Burn Notice went several seasons beyond the logical ending point, sacrificing a main character two along the way to keep it interesting. Hung and Bored to Death both ended at about the right point, when the show would’ve only declined significantly.

Sometimes they keep going and then get their own movie, ala Entourage. And in the rare case the show winds up rebooting itself over a season to try to reinvent itself, ala Silicon Valley.

This season finds us in a familiar place: the guys trying to hustle their way back into the venture capital world. This time they’re branded as a video chat company using the middle out compression that Richard (Thomas Middleditch) developed. Unfortunately, they’re reputation is garbage from the events of the past season and now they’re stuck. Throw in internal issues among the Pied Piper boys and there’s something interesting happening.

The show, while basically keeping its core cast in the Entourage style of cyclical success, is positioning its fringe characters in interesting ways. It’s to the point where the tales of Pied Piper are becoming the least interesting part of the show and the rest of this expanding world is becoming far more engaging.

The show finds itself in a soft reboot by the end of the season with a handful of main characters effectively written off the show and a new direction for the show itself. At this point, with season five on the horizon, where Silicon Valley goes will be one to watch. Season five has the ability to reinvent the show in a meaningful way.

Deleted scenes are the only extras included.

HBO presents Silicon Valley. Starring T.J Miller, Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr. Run Time: 360 minutes Not rated. Released on DVD: 9.12.2017

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