Blu-Ray Review – VEEP (Season 6)

After an accurate representation of what could happen if the Presidency would wind up without the requisite amount of Electoral College votes, Selina Meyer would wind up on the outside looking in of the Presidency on the fifth season of Veep. What happens to a former President who lost reelection? Season six finds us following Selina and her crew outside of the political machinations of Washington.

We find Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) trying to remain politically relevant while also doing what presidents do after their term in office: build their library and charity work. But having come so close to another term in office, Selina still has political aspirations. We follow the rest of her motley crew in the post Meyer presidency, as well.

The show is really in the middle of some genuinely inspired material because season six is genuinely funny. Having the power of HBO allows them the ability to take risks, especially for a political comedy that aims its barrels at both sides with equal shot, but as we near the end of the American adaptation of The Thick of It one thing is certain.

If Elaine Bennett is the one thing Louis-Dreyfuss is remembered first for … Selina Meyer isn’t far behind. She’s still at the peak of her comedic fastball and this is perhaps her finest work.

7 audio commentaries are on the lone extra.

HBO presents VEEP (Season 4). Starring Julia Luis Dreyfus. Run Time: 360 minutes Not rated. Released on DVD: 9.12.2017

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