DC Comics Rebirth & Justice League #29 Spoilers: Future’s Jr. Justice League Vs. Wonder Woman As Future Aquaman Takes Down Justice League?!

DC Comics Rebirth and Justice League #29 Spoilers follow.

After the future Aquaman easily dispatched modern day Batman in the Batcave, he is after the rest of the Justice League and…

…easily dispatches Superman too using a combination of Krytonite and Batman’s red solar energy device (Superman is powered by a yellow sun, but is powerless in a red sun).

A little reminder of who’s who for this futuristic Justice League Junior:

  • Jessica Cruz Green Lantern and Barry Allen Flash are parents to three of this future Justice League Next Generation team: Nora Allen, the speedster named Cruise, and seeming twins Jenny and Jason who didn’t inherit the Flash Barry Allen’s speed, but a connection to all of the lights of the emotional spectrum from their mom Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.
  • Hunter is Wonder Woman’s son, father is TBC, and he was cast out by her upon his birth because he wasn’t an Amazon so he was raised by Clark Kent Superman and Lois Lane.
  • Eldoris Curry is the daughter of Aquaman and Mera and is called “Dory” like the underwater movie about the animated fish from Disney.
  • Cyborg has a son named George Marvin Stone aka Cube and his mother is not revealed.

So, these future Justice League kids are after Wonder Woman because they know she feels responsible for some reason for what’s to come for them in their dire future.

They attack her, but she is ready and Hunter and her go one-on-one.

Meanwhile future Aquaman easily dispatches Barry Allen Flash and Jessica Cruz Green Lantern…

…as well as Victor Stone Cyborg.

In the fight with Wonder Woman, Hunter asked Cube to boom them away, but they end up in Midway City due to the interference caused by something there that Simon Baz Green Lantern and Steve Trevor are dealing with.

Upon Wonder Woman arrival, Simon Baz’s mind is taken over and he uses his Green Lantern ring to open the something we mentioned earlier resulting in Wonder Woman being swallowed up by a liquid blackness.

Future Aquaman visits his present day wife Mera as she is conversing with their future daughter, but…

…turns on everyone by bring the villainous Sovereign to modern day to take over the world.

Is Sovereign really a liquid blackness corrupted Wonder Woman?

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