DVD Review – Empire (Season 3)


If there’s one show that consistently delivers what it’s fandom expects its Empire. Dallas for a more urban audience, Empire is wild soap opera revolving around a famous musical family. This season, much like the previous two, aims toward a wild story arc that ends in one of the key signatures of the genre.

Watching the show is akin to watching a soap because one can’t quite jump into it. Every character on the show has extensive back stories with one another at this point, almost requiring a map to keep track of, and it makes getting into the show more difficult as the show moves on. You have to be a dedicated watcher to know what’s going on.

The third season has the show in the middle of its groove. The 4th is promising a number of guest stars, and an angle that’s a staple of the soap opera as potentially a driving force and the third is a great setup season. This is a show that knows exactly what it’s expected to deliver and, through some twist and turns, delivers it extraordinarily well. It’s not that good, of course, but pleasing your fans is something even quality television shows have a hard time doing.

Nothing of note.

Fox presents Empire (Season 2). Created by Lee Daniels and Danny strong. Starring Terrance Howard, Taraji Henson. Run Time: 480 minutes Not Rated. Released on DVD: 9.19.2017

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