WWE Raw 9/25/17 Recap – Reigns vs. Miz

Miz comes down to start the show with Miz TV. We get a recap of Miz having his goons help him retain the title – which is somehow still okay with a babyface GM. Miz puts Roman over for not only retiring Taker, but also beating Cena. Roman says he respects Cena for holding the fort down for 15 years – which no one has ever done. Miz says that Roman rode the coat tails of the Shield, and the Miztourage would destroy them. They are banking a PPV on The Shield vs. The Miztourage – a mid-card match in WWE 2K17. Miz puts his belt over and Roman says he’ll kick his ass. Kurt comes out and makes that match for tonight. Kurt says that Jeff Hardy’s shoulder is messed up, but Matt will team up with Jason Jordan against the Miztourage tonight.

Booker hypes this match up by saying he doesn’t like it at all. JJ and Matt have somewhat matching green and black gear, which is neat. Booker ponders if Miz vs. Roman is for the IC Title before Cole shuts that down like it’s an insult. Matt hits a trifecta of legdrops before an awkward ad break. JJ plays a face in peril after the break before getting a hot tag and running wild on Bo with forearms and headbutts. Booker calls Matt old and says his best days are behind him, leading to a Twist of Fate victory.

We get a recap of Braun vs. Brock from No Mercy, with the video making it come off as more epic than it actually was. Elias sings and insults the town before facing Apollo Crews again. Crews flips around before Booker buries him for flipping, but he likes his dropkick. Elias hits Drift Away before brawling with Titus. They hype up last night’s “Man versus Man” match with Balor vs. Bray. That wording is never not funny. Finn thanks Bray for doubting him as a man and making him find more inner strength. He says he’s done with Bray and will go on to reclaim his Universal Title.

Curt Hawkins is mid-ring talking about how we’ll see history here, and Braun comes down to make history. Hawkins runs into the crowd, gets grabbed and chokeslammed through a table before powerslamming him through the ramp screens. He demands a real fight and Dean Ambrose comes down. Braun attacks the injured arm and clubs away at Braun. Dean turns a throw into a DDT on the floor and Dean dives onto him for an 8 count. Booker talks about Braun no longer being invincible and having his weaknesses exposed last night. Unreal. Dean goes for the flying elbow, but gets caught and powerslammed to end it. Kurt tells a ref to pay attention to the Miztourage before Enzo comes in and is as annoying as humanly possible. Enzo asks for a celebration for his title win.

Seth walks backstage with Kingslayer bands on his shoulders, as all humans naturally would and gives Dean some ice for his shoulder. Alexa comes out and says that no one was properly celebrating her win, and she was very disappointed. Mickie comes down and says that she heard what Alexa said at Raw Talk, and Alexa says she respects her. Mickie was even in her top eight on Myspace, back when Mickie was relevant. Mickie says that she was breaking down walls when Alexa was still in a training bra – and that’s clearly still working out for her. Alexa calls her old and Mickie kicks her down.

Seth comes down before they recap Cesaro’s dental injury from the PPV. Sheamus starts things off with an irish curse before getting 2 off a suplex. Sheamus gets a stretch muffler and a cloverleaf. Seth hits the rain trigger after a superkick to win it. Balor meets with Goldust, who tells him he isn’t a victim and he doesn’t need his help. Finn says he’s sorry and Goldust accepts before kicking his ass. Balor went from “I want BROCK LESNAR THE BIGGEST STAR IN THE WORLD” to “now I’m facing Goldust” in the span of an hour.

We get a recap of Roman vs. Cena with some Raw Talk commentary. Roman comes out to a mild reaction while Miz is pretty darn over here. Miz stalls for a while. Reigns runs wild, but gets outsmarted and Miz does the corner kicks – but gets Samoan dropped going for the corner dropkick. Yes Kicks hit – but he’s caught on the last one and nearly powerbombed. Superman punch sends Miz down before the goons eat a beating. Miz gets a snap DDT for 2 and a spear ends it for Roman. Miz’s goons attack with a chair before the Skull Crushing Finale hits. The heels leave before coming back and they deliver a Finale on the chair and they do the Shield fist bump.

Balor vs. Goldust and Enzo’s celebration are hyped up. Goldust and Balor are out, with Goldust dominating before an ad break. Balor comes back with a chop to the chest in the corner and goes up high, but gets kicked in the ribs. A spinebuster gets 2 for Goldust. Finn eats an uppercut, but lands the Pele kick. Finn gets the shotgun dropkick and wins with the footstomp. The lights go out and then the fireflies are out in the crowd for an ad break. Nia and Emma face Sasha and Bayley tonight. Sasha and Bayley deliver horrible dialogue while wearing Connor’s Cure shirts. Enzo demands a no contact clause during his championship celebration.

Tozawa vs. Tony Nese is deemed a match worthy of hyping 205 Live over. Nia, Emma, Sasha, and Bayley come out. Not much happens before the break until Emma gets a post-break chinlock and Bayley escapes using her ass. Sasha gets hot tagged in and lands the shotgun knees to Emma before Nia breaks up the cover. Bayley dives on Nia, who goes for the Samoan drop before escaping and Sasha crossbodies Nia down. Bayley gets a blind tag and beats Emma with the Bayley to belly. Enzo preps for his party while Corey buries him.

Seth vs. Braun is hyped up for next week’s show, as is Roman vs. The Miz in an IC Title match. Roman could very well win the IC Title just to give him another on-paper accomplishment to win. Enzo talks about waking up in his California king bed and reflecting in the eyes of his date. Enzo talks about carrying Cass and getting “you can’t wrestle” chants – just like Rock, Batista, and Cena did. He retires his Certified G jersey from last night and brags about making 205 Live relevant. The 205 Live theme hits and Enzo asks what that terrible music is. Okay, that’s pretty fun, sad, and accurate. The division comes down and is a bunch of haters and Enzo buries them all. Metalik is fat, Cedric has no charisma, and Gulak is Captain Underpants.

Neville comes down and Enzo says he looks terrible. Neville gets a mic and buries Enzo for being annoying. Neville comes down and Enzo says this is the main event and he couldn’t make it here without him. Enzo says he’ll see him on the ‘zo show, so Neville kicks his ass to get personal revenge – even if he can’t get his title back now. Neville tosses him into the dasher boards while Corey puts over Neville. Neville shoves the no contact contract in Enzo’s mouth before superkicking him and hitting the red arrow. This thing may have just Neville a major star.

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