DC Comics Rebirth & Action Comics #988 Spoilers: Doomsday Clock & The Oz Effect Part 2 Reveals The Secret Origin Of Superman Dad Jor-El As Mr. Oz

DC Comics Rebirth and Action Comics #988 Spoilers follow.

The Oz Effect Part 2 reveals the Secret Origin Oo Superman Dad Jor-El as Mr. Oz with heavy nods to Doomsday Clock the Watchmen vs. Rebirth event pitting Doctor Manhattan vs. Superman.

Superman, Clark Kent of Earth and Kal-el of Krypton, doesn’t believe Mr. Oz when he says that he is his dad Jor-el.

Jor-el then tells his secret origin that he somehow survived, a blue energy enveloping him – implied to be Doctor Manhattan’s doing – while his wife and Superman mom Lara dies in his arms.

Jor-el glowing blue drifts in space…

…also landing on Earth.

He is tortured, but escapes and defeats his captors. Jor-el then learns about Earth’s history and is dismayed about the violence.

He tells his son that the Earth doesn’t desrbed him and that Earth deserves what’s coming – Doctor Manhattan in Doomsday Clock it seems – and he…

…wants to take Superman away from Earth!

Doomsday Clock begins in the Fall of 2017 with Superman vs. Doctor Manhattan of the Watchmen as…

…Superman villain or anti-hero Lex Luthor is also brought into it.

An interesting issue.

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