DC Comics Rebirth & Wonder Woman #31 Spoilers: New Creative Team Focuses On WW’s Brother & Darkseid!

DC Comics Rebirth and Wonder Woman #31 Spoilers follow.

New Creative Team Focuses On The Children Of The Gods & Darkseid!

New writer, and comics legend, James Robinson opens the book in the past with Wonder Woman recoiling from her brother.

Then we pivot to a bearded man who looks to be the same age as Diana, aka Wonder Woman, and possibly her twin brother.

This man is confronted by Grail, Darkseid’s daughter…

…who wants to destroy him!

Turns out the “him” isn’t Wonder Woman’s twin brother, but Hercules from DC’s classic Hercules Unbound series.

He is destroyed as his power is siphoned off by Grail…

…leaving Wonder Woman as the beneficiary of his earthly fortunate and estate.

Grail takes Hercules power, in some time of cosmic cube, feeding…

…teenage Darkseid, her father, who is…

…absorbing godly energy to grow back into his bad self.

Awesome story by James Robinson and art by Carlo Pagulayan.

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