Impact Wrestling 9/28/17 Recap – Victory Road

Trevor Lee talks about Petey being a top guy, but now he’s just a guy for him to step over. Trevor Lee comes down with Caleb Konley to face Petey for the X Title. Petey hits hits inside-out rana to start things off, but Konley attacks him to help Lee get an edge. Petey hits his la mistica Russian legsweep before planting him with a Canadian Destroyer. Caleb pulls the ref out, but Petey begs the ref to not DQ him. Trevor belt shots Petey and gets 2! Lee avoids a rana and hits the mushroom stomp to win it. Konnan and LAX hype up their match tonight.

Taya, Sienna and Taryn Terrell come down to face Rosemary, Allie and Gail. Rosemary and Taya have a sloppy corner exchange before Taryn comes in – but she runs away from Gail ASAP. Taya attacks Gail, but gets sent out. Faces send the heels out for a break before the heels work over Gail for a while. She tags Allie in after a jumping DDT gives her a brief edge. Sienna cheats to win with a schoolgirl on the second rope. Eli talks about being Global champion and that being a fact of life.

Joseph Park and Grado meet at a restaurant where Park tells a knock-knock joke and gives him a royalty check. Park leaves the dinner to take a call and tells him to feast. Johnny Impact is with McKenzie and says nothing of note about tonight’s match. James Storm cuts an intense promo about not being leapfrogged by anyone because they went to another country. He says this is GFW and gets a chant – well, it’s a solid-sounding chant and he cuts a promo on AAA. Texano comes down for a brawl and Fantasma joins the fray. EC3 makes a save for him as a reluctant ally. Storm tells Cornette that he wants a match with EC3 as his partner against the AAA guys, so Cornette makes it.

We get another Global Forged mini-sode. OVE comes out to face LAX in a pretty fast-paced match. Jake hits a series of superkicks before landing a wacky facejam. Jake eats a death valley driver into his brother in the corner, which is pretty crazy. Dave hits a Sister Abigail DDT and gets the win – so OVE gets the belts when the deck isn’t stacked against them. We get a Lashley and ATT video before they hype up Lashley as the best true guy on the team.

Johnny Impact vs. Eli is up, with Chris Adonis preventing the running knee right away with a leg trip. We get a walk and brawl until Eli eats a suplex on the ramp. Ref gets taken out and Eli hits Johnny with the title and gets 2.5. Why do that as a non-finish in two matches on one show. The second ref is taken out and Chris interferes freely, but Johnny takes him out. Moonlight Drive to Eli on the belt and he gets 2. Johnny goes for the countdown dive, but Eli, like 99% of opponents, isn’t an idiot and uses the ref to take him out. Gravy Train hits and ends it. Eli cuts a promo on him before Garza Jr comes down and LAX jumps him. Eli stands tall while Cornette looks upset. This wasn’t a bad show, but it was devoid of anything special outside of very brief moments in the tag title match.

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