DVD Review – Modern Family (Season 8)

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If there’s one thing that’s been steady for NBC each year it’s that Modern Family continues to sneakily be one of the best shows on television. Still finding a fairly sizable audience, the show has found a groove and managed to remain awards fodder by virtue of remaining among the best in an era of tremendous television.

The show has a simple, docudrama style focus on Jay (Ed O’Neil) and his kids (Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson) as they go about their daily lives. Throw in their spouse & children, Ed’s second wife (Sofia Vergara) and assorted friends and you’ve got an interesting aspect into daily American life.

The key to the show is that it has found everything on how it works at its most effective and doesn’t stray from it. Everything makes sense in the universe they’ve established and that’s how it continues to work; it takes chances but it’s never anything that goes contrary. It’s such a well written show that the continuity of character is fairly impressive to see.

Modern Family manages to remain in the upper tier of television in a tremendous era because of this.

Nothing of note.

20th Century Fox presents Modern Family (Season 8). Starring Ed O’Neil, Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara. Run Time: 474 minutes. Not Rated. Released on 9.19.17