DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Blue Beetle #13 Answers Justice League 3001 Vs. Legion Of Super-Heroes Debate & More?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Blue Beetle #13 follow.

The Justice League 3000 was a futuristic team during the New 52 era.

They morphed into the Justice League 3001 and fought…

…Eclipso and the Legion of Doom…

…with some characters looking look villains of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

There was an explanation at the time that this was a future from an alternate Earth as the 31st century was typically the domain of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Well the LOSH remains MIA in the DC Rebirth era, but Justiuce League 3001 appears now to be part of the future of the DC Comics prime Earth not an alternate Earth from the recent Blue Beetle arc.

Blue Beetle opens with Teri Magnus, the Justice League 3001’s Flash, watching as the full futuristic roster battles Eclipso and the Legion of Doom in the future.

They send them all, eventually, though a dimensional / traversal portal of some kind…

…that sends them half way across the world to the “godforsaken” world of Nirvana.

Blue Beetle and Teri Magnus then disappear only to reappear…

…in the presence of Justice League 3001 foe Lady Styx on the planet Naltor.

We also learn that Lady Styx has been disguised as Tia Amparo in the present and influencing her “niece” Brenda who is a friend of Jaime Reyes the Blue Beetle.

We also learn that Lady Styx believes that Teri Magnus is her daughter.

There is a complicated future ahead for Blue Beetle as he and Teri Magnus both return to the past…

…as Lady Styx plots.

So, how exactly can the Justice League 3001 and Legion of Super-Heroes co-exist in the 31st Century? More on that soon hopefully.

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