WWE Raw 10/1/17 Recap – Roman battles the Miz for the IC Title

The show begins with the roster on-stage as they pay tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas shootings. We get a recap of the Miz and his goons destroying Roman before Seth comes out to not only dovetail him into your mind with Roman, but also so he can come out to face Braun. Seth tries to use force against Braun, and that’s a bad idea. Seth sticks and moves and hits a suicide dive – but Braun is still standing. Another dive takes him down. Seth hits a superkick party and goes for the ripcord knee, but eats a lariat. The powerslam takes him out and Braun emerges victorious. Seth eats another one and Dean comes down…to eat a powerslam. The Bar comes down and takes them out with finishers. Cesaro now has a mouth guard – smart move.

Breast cancer awareness stuff leads to Micke walking backstage and getting into an argument with Alicia. Emma stirs stuff up and says she has an admirer – so she opens Alexa’s door to show Nia insulting her, so they’ll do battle later. Also, Nia and Alexa are friends again for some reason. Bray yammers about Sister Abigail for some reason. Elias sings before thankfully beating Titus quickly with Drift Away. They run down the Hell in a Cell card before Nia comes down to face Mickie. Nia dominates with monster clubs, charges, and chinlocks. Mickie hits a tornado DDT, but Alexa jumps in for a DQ. Alexa and Mickie brawl and Mickie knocks her out with a Mick kick. Tom puts Mickie over as a “trailblazer”, BUT NOT A TRAILBLAZING PIONEER!?

Enzo’s heel turn is recapped before Mickie says she’ll become Raw Women’s Champion. Kurt says that she will have a chance to do that at TLC. The Club mocks Jason Jordan on Facebook, so we get Matt Hardy teaming with him tonight against The Club. The faces shine for a bit, but Matt falls to the Magic Killer. Matt is bringing back minor parts of the Broken character here with his facial mannerisms and vocal inflections. Roman talks about how Dean and Seth have knocked the Bar around and don’t need him – he needs to focus on Miz and the title. Dana Warrior is mid-ring and reveals the new Unleash Your Warrior breast cancer awareness campaign and white and pink WWE Women’s Titles. They all shake the ropes in a sweet little moment.

Miz comes out with his goons and Roman intimidates them a bit. He beats the goons up all over the arena. He chairshots the goon squad to hell and back before brawling with the Miz. Miz trips him up on teh apron to hurt Roman’s back and hopes for a countout, but can’t get it. A basement boot gets 2 for Miz. The Yes kicks are turned into a powerbomb for 2.5. Miz goes for the corner lariat, but the Superman punch hits and gets.2 The Bar comes down to attack him to fully intertwine their angle with Seth and Dean and should result in them being part of the Shield reuinion instead of the goons – which is a far better usage of everyone involved. They all hit their finishes before doing the Shield powerbomb and the fist bump.

Finn comes down to cut a promo on Bray, who talks about Abigail being alive and dying to meet Bray. Bray is in the shadows with his face painted up – so perhaps Sister Abigail lives on in him or something. Asuka hype video airs before Bayley and Sasha team up to face Emma and Alicia. Emma abandons Alicia and Bayley beats Alicia with the belly to Bayley. Enzo’s beating last week after Raw is shown and The Bar will be on MizTV next week. Enzo comes out in one of his most ridiculous getups yet and says he’s doin’ great after getting a “how ya doin!?” chant. He says the division can go to hell before trying to leave, only to be surrounded by the division in the crowd. He gives Tozawa a pass for liking him on Twitter before telling Neville he’ll be homeless if he hits him. Kurt says that yeah, no one in the division as of last week can attack Enzo – but the newest signee Kalisto can! Kalisto kicks his ass before Seth and Dean surround Roman in his locker room to let him know without words that they’re back and they’re brothers – so MizTV should be great next week.


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