WWE Raw 10/9/17 Recap – Kalisto vs. Enzo for the Cruiserweight Title

A recap of the beating of the Shield last week leads to Miz saying that he went from be the A lister to The Guy last week. Everyone who helped him gets a best supporting actor award. The Bar comes down and brags and then Miz brags some more to a “you deserve it” chant. Roman, Dean, and Seth come down and kick some ass before standing mid-ring and kick Miz’s ass with the triple powerbomb BEFORE DOING THE FIST BUMP!

Jason Jordan comes down in new green and gold shorts – so he looks a bit like Link. Jordan wins with his goofy back suplex into a neckbreaker while Booker and Cole talk about how he really earned it. Kurt tells Miz that he’s giving him the spotlight and the main event of TLC – he and The Bar will face The Shield in a TLC match. Elias sings before Titus comes down with a banjo and this leads to another Elias vs. Apollo match. Elias wins with the Drift Away fairly quickly. Enzo comes down and complains about his treatment before Kurt comes out.

Enzo tells him the fans chanted you suck and he’s been sucking off the udders of a cash cow for a while now. Enzo asks if the signature for his stipulation is legit and it is. Kurt says that Kalisto was signed to a deal after he signed his contract with Enzo – and Enzo says he’s been hustled! Kurt tells him to not worry about the match at TLC – he’ll defend the title tonight instead! Enzo says okay – but he’ll only do if it it’s the main event. Braun comes down to face Matt Hardy and massacres him. Yeah, Matt needs Jeff back quickly. The Shield comes down with all-new shirts, which really does hurt the organic feeling of this. They hit the triple powebromb on him through the announce table for the true bookend of the show since Enzo is main eventing.

Mickie comes down and cuts a good promo while Alexa says she’s put a great video package together for her – so the younger fans can see her. Superstars of Yesteryear shows her prime in WWE while insulting her in a way that is I guess better than the Piggie James stuff. Alexa comes down and gets her ass kicked. Asuka’s debut is hyped up before Bayley, Sasha, and Alicia chat with Kurt to see who faces Asuka. Dana and Emma want in too, so Kurt makes a giant match to see who faces her. Cedric and Ali face Kendrick and Gallagher. Gallagher in street clothes works so well, and Kendrick beats Ali with a sliced bread. Miz talks to Kurt and says he wants to find another partner – so Braun comes in.

Finn Balor comes down before Bray cuts a silly over-produced promo as both himself and as Sister Abigail. The five woman elimination match manages to completely bury Bayley, who lost to Alicia Fox of all people. Emma wins the thing by cheaply cradling Sasha to win after she tapped out Alicia with the bank statement. Finn talks about doing what he has to to beat Sister Abigail before. We get a long Shield recap of what they’ve done tonight. Kalisto cuts a promo before the division comes down to act as lumberjacks. They have a pretty nothing match until the cruiserweights brawl on the floor and then Kalisto superplexes him into the pile, allowing them to talk about the Shield, Sister Abigail, Enzo hits Eat Defeat, but Ali pulls Enzo outside! Kalisto gets crotched up top, but LANDS A SALIDA DEL SOL OFF THE TOP TO WIN THE TITLE. The Enzo Era is over after like three weeks, and the division is now finally vying for a goal again.

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