WWE Raw 10/16/17 Recap – Roman vs. Braun in a Cage

A recap of the Shield’s reformation starts things off. Their beating of the Miz and Braun is recapped as well and the narrator talking about all of this makes things sound ridiculous. Tables, ladders, and chairs are all over the set – which actually make the PPV seem more important. Kurt talks, but gets interrupted by the Shield’s theme and they come through the crowd in full Shield getup. Kurt is intimdated by them and get told off by Roman. They want the match tonight and the heels come down – so Kurt threatens to cancel their matches tonight if they fight before the PPV.

Elias and The Club are mid-ring and Elias wants to see, but Brothers Luke and Karl want to warm up their vocal chords first. So Luke Gallows is getting paid six figures to sing “nerd”. Good for him. Karl gets paid to caw like a chicken for a bit too. Then they sing the Honky Tank Man’s theme for reasons. Elias growing more and more annoyed at their antics is amusing. Elias strums Kurt’s theme while they sing that he’s a nerd. Titus, Apollo, and Jason come down to face this trio in a six man tag. Shouldn’t death slot matches like this be saved for the third hour?

The faces send the heels packing to start things off. Crews eats a beating from Elias after the break. Jason Jordan runs wild while Cole talks about how he’s trying to prove himself on his own. Apollo hits his atomic powerbomb to win it. Cole hypes up the Braun cage match by saying he forced Show to have hip surgery and we get a break. Jinder will announce his challenge at Survivor Series on SD tomorrow.

An Asuka hype video makes her seem like the biggest killer in WWE outside of Brock. Emma cuts a promo on Asuka before Alexa thanks her for the women’s revolution and asks for a tag match with Emma tonight against Mickie and a partner. A long recap of the Kendrick/Gallagher team airs. Cedric comes down to no reaction to face Jack Gallagher. Why does Jack Gallagher not have an evil Englishman theme!? Rich Swann comes down to ensure that there is no foolishness towards Cedric, and these folks will have a tag match on the pre-show. Booker hypes up Jack as the next generation version of Regal. Jack gets a chinlock and talks to Cedric for a bit. Cedric hits a big kick, but Kendrick prevents a lumbar check – but he eventually gets it and wins. The crowd begins to cheer, but then stops Oh God, the babyfaces have the worst thing they could have before a PPV – momentum!

The Miz and the goons are out for Miz TV with Braun. Axel gets a big “Curtis Axel!” chant and Miz approves it. Cesaro cuts a promo with a mouth guard before Sheamus gets called stupid-looking and Miz tells the fans to get a mirror. Miz hypes the Shield up as a nostalgia act. Braun says he’ll destroy the Shield and Miz says he’ll add another member to the team since Dean wanted one. Kurt says hey, he only agree to a 4-on-3 match! Kurt says he’ll only let them add Axel if Braun wins tonight, but if Roman wins, then they lose Braun.

Alicia Fox is mid-ring to face Sasha, in a match brought about due to Alicia losing to Banks last week. Alcia cuts an inset promo and demands a t-shirt. Sasha gets a tilt a whirl backbreaker for 2. Sasha goes for another tilt a whirl, but Sasha drags her into the crossface and ends it. Enzo walks backstage in denim almost looking human! Alicia jumps Sasha backstage.

Enzo says he’s hearing some boos – so the fans must be wondering where his boo is. His title loss is shown and he says it’s time to be real. He cuts a promo on Kalisto, who comes down with the title and knocks his knock-off sheets. Enzo says he’s got real Gucci and he earns his money being a star. Noam Dar, Daivari, and Nese beat up Kalisto while Enzo calls him a Big Bad Beetleborg. Enzo cheapshots Ali and we get a “WE WANT NEVILLE!” chant. Enzo cuts a promo on his new shoes and how you can’t even get them for three weeks, before introducing them to Kalisto with an Eat Defeat. Enzo is the man.

Ambrose comes down and gets a separate intro with Seth, whose “burn it down” bit actually gets a chant. Corey adds a neat layer to things by saying that Seth and Dean got the “thwith thyborg” shirt made to make Cesaro. The faces run wild on the heels and do a double dive, but Sheamus gets an edge thanks to Cesaro. Sheamus goes “super cyan” according to Corey, or Super Saiyan. Sheamus slugs away, but Seth lands a series of punches. He gets the hot tag to Dean and Dean runs wild. The heels get a second rope Hart attack for 2, thanks to a Seth save. Ripcord knee and the dirty deeds end it – so the champs retain.

Axel cuts a promo to hype up The Bar so Braun can win and he can be added to the match on Sunday so he can wrestle in his hometown. They tell him to find Roman, so he goes off in search of an ass-kicking. We get a recap of the Sister Abigail stuff from last week. He cuts a promo on Bray and we get a weird back and forth video of Balor as the Halloween Demon and then with him in mid-ring. Well, that was terrible. Emma and Alexa are out to face Mickie, with Bayley as her mystery partner. The heels dominate, then the faces get an edge and everyone just stands around looking at the ref for an ad break. Mickie hits the seated senton for 2, but Emma breaks it up. Mick kick hits – so Alexa retains at the PPV.

Curtis Axel finds the Shield and meets his maker. Miz talks with his team and hypes them up for the PPV. They inform Miz that Axel may be beating up the Shield right now, and Miz is terrified at this thought. Mickie and Bayley walk backstage before Bayley leaves awkwardly. Charly asks about her “veteran” status and Mickie says she’ll bring the title home to her three year old son. The commentators run down the card for TLC. Miz goes backstage and find Axel hanging from a forklift.

Miz meets with Renee over a broken Axe Man, and tells her that Axel was never the fifth man – so the plan is unchanged when Braun wins. Braun comes down and is shown tossing Show through the cage last month. Miz comes down for commentary and Miz says he’s not at ringside – so he’s okay here. Braun tosses Roman around and avalanches him in the corner. Braun spinebusters him for 2. Braun avalanches him against the cage, but Roman comes back and hits a Samoan drop for 2. The Bar comes down and then the Shield brawls with them before Braun superplexes Roman off the top of the cage. This gets 2 and is just a spot instead of a major turning point like it was in the Hogan and Bossman feud. Backstage, Seth and Dean brawl with the Bar before Miz locks his partners in the brawl with the Shield. They fight on the top rope and Braun gets crotched and then speared for 2. Then Kane’s pyro hits and Kane’s remixed theme hits and chokeslams Reigns! Braun powerslams Roman and Kane gives him a tombstone to a big pop. Another powerslam ends it and adds Kane to the mix at TLC.

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