DC Comics Rebirth & Dark Nights Metal #3 Spoilers & Review: Dark Knights Defeat Justice League? Superman Centric Issue With Batman Everywhere & Nowhere?

DC Comics Rebirth and Dark Nights Metal #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

Four pretty cool covers adorn Dark Nights Metal #3.

We open with an update on the status quo of DC Comics Rebirth landscape. The Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse, the servants of Barbatos, have won. They’ve taken Metropolis and are using its people for feul?

Superman encounters the Dark Night Metal Devastator, a cross between Doomsday and Batman, but he thinks its Bruce Wayne as all his vital according to Superman’s senses indicate that.

Same with the Batman who Laughs, a cross between the Joke and Batman.

Superman thinks there is still some good in them, but the Batman who Laughs said that that is what is counterpart said before he killed his family.

The last panels has the Batman who Laughs explain the nature of the Dark Multiverse; all the fears and hopes of the regular multiverse’s people create the worlds of the Dark Multiverse. That doesn’t explain how “hope” with would be in the “Dark” Multiverse.

Doctor Fate and the Flash save Superman from the Dark Knights taking him to…

…the magical Oblivion Bar of Nightmaster with patron Detective Chimp there as well as the heroes of the Justice League, others and Kendra Saunders.

Nightwing enters the bar and explains what happened during the Gotham Resistance arc and how he, Green Arrow, the Teen Titans and Suicide Squad lost to the Dark Knights. In fact the Suicide Squad and Teen Titans remain trapped in some kind of machine feuling the Dark Knights like the ones we saw earlier in this issue in Metropolis. Gotham Resistance finale spoilers here.

We also get a glimpse into what the Batman: Murder Machine has done to Detroit (nano Alfreds?) and what the Batman: Red Death has done to Central City.

Green Arrow and Robin, Damian Wayne, also join the fray – they were part of the Gotham Resistance arc too – and reveal from that arc that the Dark Knights can be killed by Nth Metal.

Doctor Fate enumerates where the last vestiges of the Nth Metal is on Earth 0 – Steel’s hammer, Doctor Fate’s mask, and within the Plastic Man “egg”. Wonder Woman sets up different teams to tag team with one of the heroes with the Nth Metal to find more of it.

Deathstroke even joins the party – hoping to get paid – and his Promethium sword may also be a factor in felling the Dark Knights.

Superman thinks Batman has called to him from the Dark Multiverse; Doctor Fate sends everyone off on their missions.

We get an update on where the four teams are – Deathstroke’s metal accounting from the last team with Aquaman – as Superman realizes the Dark Multiverse is somehow adjacent to the Phantom Zone for which his a projector to access.

As Superman travels to the Dar Multiverse, we see the Dark Knights have overtaken the Oblivion Bar and killed Nightmaster; Detective Chimp is MIA.

Turns out it wasn’t Batman calling Superman to the Dark Multiverse…

…it was a trap!

We now wait 2 months for Dark Nights Metal #4 with other offerings in between issues.


AMAZING art by Greg Capullo and complex, multi-layered, action-packed storytelling by Scott Snyder. Definitely feels like a movie blockbuster, but still feels like the team is still setting uop the story of Dark Nights Metal. 7.5 out of 10.

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