Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 10.16.2017

How did this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw rate?

Matthew Schuerman

The return of Kane to avenge his brother is a cool touch, I must admit. The complete misuse of finn balor is not however.

The women are a mess until asuka gets here, and it shows. Hopefully they hold off on the inevitable nia jax showdown for a while.
Rating: 6.5

Sam Keola

They did a good job building the show around the Miz getting a fifth partner for TLC. I don’t know when they had planned to book the TLC Shield reunion but it feels thrown together when they’ve had an inexplicably long time to plan this. The “tough guy” heels responses to the “coward” heels left me wanting an implosion more than anything. Braun Strowman may be the most liked and over man in this main event, and that’s a big problem when he’s supposed to be a monster heel. The cruisers are standing out a little more. I was surprised to see Apollo Crews get a win. The Kane return was a cool surprise, although maybe not the best way.

Rating: 5.5

Matt Harrak

Kane… why Kane? The match was fine as it was. Sigh…

Rating: 6.0


it’s all about the Shield and TLC tonight, which means a lot of posturing and hype. Jason Jordan joining team Titus is a sure sign that his solo push is over, but it’s nice to see Apollo Crews get a clean win for once. I know nobody cares about the Cruiserweights, but I like the fact that Jack Gallagher wrestles in a waistcoat and brogues. It’s a unique look in the WWE, and if he were a little taller he could be Baron Corbin with talent. It’s like Kalisto and Enzo are in a ‘who can dress more ridiculously’ contest. Enzo wins, and gets a heel stable as a reward. This would be more threatening if any one of the heavyweights couldn’t come down and dismantle these guys with ease. The Shield vs the Bar was entertaining, and the cage match showed that Braun Strowman is getting better in the ring. Best Raw I’ve watched in a while. Also the only Raw I’ve watched in a while, but either way…
Rating: 7.5


I thought it was a solid show and enjoyed the surprise return of Kane at the end.
Rating: 7.0

Total Ratings: 32.5
Total Reviewers: 5

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Monday Night Raw: 6.5

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