DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Batman #33 Has Catwoman Engagement & Reaction Of Robin, The Signal, Red Robin, Red Hood, & Nightwing Plus A SURPRISE Cliffhanger

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Batman #33 follows.

Last issue Catwoman / Selina Kyle accepted Batman / Bruce Wayne’s marriage proposal and…

…in this issue Alfred Pennyworth reveals the news to Batman’s Robins:

  • Duke Thomas / The Signal
  • Damian Wayne / Robin
  • Tim Drake / Red Robin (I think they think he’s still dead, but we know last week’s truth)
  • Jason Todd / Red Hood
  • Dick Grayson / Nightwing

Their reactions to the news that a superhero will marry a villain a mix of surprises, anger and sadness.

Damian Wayne also knows why his father, Batman, and Catwoman are in Khadym…

…they are their to meet his mom Talia Al Ghul!

Great issue amazing art!

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