Marvel Comics Legacy & The Mighty Thor #700 Spoilers: Thors Corps Future Revealed – Jane Foster, Odinson, Volstagg The War Thor, Throg! War Of The Realms, Mangog & Death Of Thor!

Marvel Comics Legacy and The Mighty Thor #700 Spoilers follow.

The Death of Thor, Mangog and the War of the Realms are coming to the pages of Thor. However, before that, The Mighty Thor #700 sets up the status quo for the Marvel Legacy era.

It opens with a look at the classic Thor, the Odinson, who…

…has is now the Unworthy Thor. He speaking with Karnilla, the Queen of the Norns, who can see the tapestry of fate and the future.

We then meet the current Thor

…who is a cancer stricken Jane Foster.

We then pivot to Asgardia, the current home of the Norse gods, where Volstagg is being taken into custody after wielding the hammer of the dead Ultimate Universe’s Thor hammer, but…

…he cannot escape fate is the War Thor once again.

We then are reminded of the Frog Thor, yes really, called Throg.

We then get to the future of fates of our Thor cast, the Thors Corps and the others if you will, at the hands of Karnilla.

War of the Realms, the Death of Thor, Mangog, Loki and the Infinity Gauntlet, and an Odinson as a Thor again with a golden hammer.

Here’s a better uncluttered look.

However, it is still not the classic looking Thor that was hyped as part of Marvel Legacy.

Although the cover to Mighty Thor #701 may lead us to that before Thor’s new golden look?

Ok, back to Thor #700. So, deaths are coming.

The War of the Realms is teased…

…as is the love between Thanos and the Norse goddess of death Hela.

As Old Asgard is revisited – a different place from Asgardia – where…

…Mangog stands revealed and takes on the War Thor promising…

…to take on all the Thors!

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